This is your workout for Monday, November 20, 2023.

Recovery days are key to your success, and they were key to mine.

Normally, Mondays followed a pretty tough 15-22 mile run in our schedule at Santa Clara University.

Mondays were normally a morning run with our athletes at Bellarmine, mostly with the guys in

the Bellarmine Dorm. William Lee, Kim Jun, and James Hoyne were some of my morning partners on

runs. During the summers, it was the Gonsalez brothers, who might join me for a 3-5 mile run in the morning.

Afternoons were runs with the entire Bellarmine team, which number 50-60 back then, not the 100 plus that

is part of their tradition now.

Easy days mean easy so that your body can recover!

Your workout today,


45-55 minutes of running,