This is your workout for Sunday, November 19, 2023.

Sunday runs were one of my favorite workouts. I recall many runs through the

Santa Cruz mountains, with the wind going through the redwoods, those huge, ancient beings that

accompanied us as we ran through the ghost towns that Coach Dan Durante ran us through on Sunday


The runs would go out pretty quick, as we were going downhill into valleys. The roads had what was left

of many of the old resorts and towns where people from the area had gone in the 19th century and early

20th century for some respite from the heat in the Valley.

After a swift ten miles, we would start the long run back up to Summit road, and to Dan’s home. The first

ten miles would have a lot of conversation, and then, as we got to some serious running, the hills, and the

trees did the talking. We were breathing, focusing on getting up the long hilly run back to Summit road.

For perhaps six years we ran up in these wonderful hills, now warm memories in my brain’s eyes, as I

feel the first bits of Winter hit me in Southern Wisconson.

Your workout today is


75-90 minutes of running,