We wanted you to learn a little more about Budapest, the union of three iconic cities. The three cities came together in 1873 as Budapest. The amazing history, food, and enthusiasm you will find in the capital of Hungary will give you new sites to explore every day of your trip to the World Championships!  
One of the things that I love about traveling in Europe is the public transport. Budapest has trams, buses, and trains; you can get just about anywhere with them. It is a walker’s paradise, with large and small cafes around the city.
Many Americans have not experienced public transport that is accessible, on time, and that brings the city to the fans. The investment in public transport and the options provided bring the city to all who want to discover Budapest. 
We found This piece on the World Athletics site about this exciting host city of the World Athletics Champs in 2023! 

This is Witness the Wonder, the Preview to the 2023 World Champs in Budapest for Day 28, May 15, 2023.  

For the next 17 days, RunBlogRun will be posting a story a day on the buildup to the World Athletics Outdoor Championships, to be held in Budapest, Hungary, from August 19-August 27, 2023.

Budapest is the heart of the Hungarian nation, the capital of the nation.

Just 150 years ago, Budapest was born from the union of three historic cities and several settlements. During this time, it has become the distinctive but ever-renewing city we know today. The Danube, which divides Budapest in the middle, is the central urbanist pattern of the city, making it the city of bridges – it would be impossible to imagine Budapest without its bridges linking Pest and Buda.

The Statue of Liberty, Budapest, Hungary, photo by Getty Images

Budapest is not only a favorite destination for foreign tourists but also the economic powerhouse, innovation, and cultural center of Central and Eastern Europe. It is a melting pot of diverse Europe, with a unique character and history. Its rich culture has been present since Roman times. In classical music, for example, Hungary has given the world several world-famous composers. Today, the House of Music Hungary in Városliget is the home of universal and Hungarian music history.

Budapest is a meeting place for different cultures, people, and economies, and its characteristics make it a bridge between the surrounding landscapes and countries.

Budapest, Hungary, from wallpaperbetter.com

But for the people who live there, it means much more. It is a capital where everything you need is within easy reach. A workplace, a school, a shop, your favorite bookstore, or a café are all just around the corner. The main feature of a compact city is that residents can get to anything they need for their daily lives in a very short time. And they can do so on foot, by bike, or by public transport.

This is Budapest, Hungary, courtesy of the World Athletics Championships.

Budapest is the world’s number one tram city. It was one of the first cities to introduce tram services in 1887; it has the world’s busiest tramway system, with almost half a billion passengers a year. Its lines 4 and 6 are the busiest in the world, and its line 2 is the most beautiful tram route in the world. Line 1 has the longest tramway car in the world (56 meters), and the second longest tram operates on the Great Boulevard.

Thanks to developments over the last decade, there is no part of the city that cannot be reached by public transport. You can even cross the city at 3 am if you feel like it.

Interoperability and excellent accessibility are true for the capital and the whole country. There is no city in Hungary that cannot be reached within a few hours of Budapest.

National Athletics Center, Budapest, Hungary, photo by 2023 WAC Budapest

Hungary is placed in the heart of Europe: whether by air, rail, or road, it is easy to travel into the country, and from Europe, it takes only a few hours. Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport is one of the region’s hubs, with flights to all parts of Europe, and it also has an extensive overseas network, with connections to the United States, China, and even Australia.

The bus and rail networks are equally well developed, the Adriatic Sea or even the beautiful Transylvania are just a few hours away.

Although Hungary does not have a sea exit, its well-known lake, Lake Balaton, is Central Europe’s largest lake and often referred to as the Hungarian Sea. For further info, click here!

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The World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, will be held August 19-27, 2023, and tickets are available now! Click here to learn more about ticket sales: https://tickets.wabudapest23.com/

RunBlogRun suggests a wonderful book on Hungary, The Hungarians, A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat, by Paul Lendvai, Translated by Ann Major, Princeton University Press, www.pupress.princeton.edu.

Need tips for Visiting Budapest and the rest of Hungary? Please go here! Visit Hungary-Wellspring of Wonders! https://visithungary.com/