Welcome to Witness the Wonder, Day 14 of our promotion for the World Athletics Outdoor Championships in Budapest, Hungary, from August 19-August 27, 2023.

Why should you travel from the comfort of your sofa at home, watching athletics on your spacious television?

Because you will miss the sites, the sounds, the thrills, the spills in Budapest?

Budapest is a city chock full of history and culture. You can find a Roman village dating from the first century, which is now a World Heritage site.

You can find buildings and areas that give you a feel for the Renaissance in the 15th century! You will see the buildings that came back after the terrible destruction of the Second World War. All of this, plus the history of the Ottoman Turks, the Magyars, and the old Austro-Hungarian empire, all found in what is now (since 1873) one historical city, Budapest!


The Danube River as seen from Budapest, Hungary, photo by Getty Images

Budapest is one of the most fascinating historical and cultural cities in Europe! Virtually every major culture, from Rome to the Ottoman Turks, to the Maygars, has found a home in Hungary! The modern country of Hungary has a history rich in cultures, and to me, that means great food, and great places to visit!

The National Athletics Centre will host the very best athletes in the world. We are expecting two thousand athletes from 200 countries!

Here are five reasons why you should be in Budapest?

1. There is NOTHING like a live World Championships!
The enthusiasm of crowds at European meets is life-changing. The cheering, the pleading, and the applause of a well-executed or highly emotional performance will not go unnoticed!

2. The very best athletes in all events will be there! From the Women’s hammer throw to the Men’s 35k Race Walk, all of the best will be there! From Ryan Crouser to Faith Kipyegon, your heroes will be in Budapest!

3. The new facility and new track mean fast and furious competition! There is nothing like a new track facility, with a big crowd enjoying the nine days and nights of world championships!

4. The food, the sites, the city! Budapest is one of the favorites of young Europeans. They love the prices, the value, and the ability to walk around the city! Learn from them. Good value for the dollar or Euro.

5. Do not miss the road sessions! Six road sessions in Budapest, and you can feel the fans’ enthusiasm and the city’s feel.

Budapest Castle, Budapest, Hungary, photo by Getty Images

This is one not to miss. Good airfares abound, and there are some gems of hotels!

The memories from Budapest will last you the rest of your life!

You can find fascinating suggestions at Visit Hungary-Wellspring of Wonders! https://visithungary.com/

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The World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, will be held August 19-27, 2023, and tickets are available now! Click here to learn more about ticket sales: https://tickets.wabudapest23.com/

RunBlogRun suggests a wonderful book on Hungary, The Hungarians, A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat, by Paul Lendvai, Translated by Ann Major, Princeton University Press, www.pupress.princeton.edu.

Need tips of Visiting Budapest and the rest of Hungary? Please go here! Visit Hungary-Wellspring of Wonders! https://visithungary.com/