This series of embeds came from Stuart Weir, alerting me to two views of the challenging conditions of the 2023 SPAR European Athletics Cross Country Championships. 

The 2023 SPAR European Athletics Cross Country was held in Brussels on 10 December 2023.

The conditions were, well, sloppy and sloppy.

After viewing the photos and seeing the video below, plus the photo below, gives our readers an even more intimate view of one of the most

exciting cross-country championships of the past few years.

Stuart Weir sent us these two views of the event to further enhance your appreciation of this year’s championships.

The first embed is a video from European Athletics, giving you an eye-witness view of the SPAR Euro Cross.

Become one with the mud. Another view of the 2023 #SPAREuropeanAthleticsCrossCountry, #Brussels2023, #crosscountry, #trackandfield, #running,

— RunBlogRun (@RunBlogRun) December 12, 2023

The SPAR European Athletics Cross Country had something for everyone. For the U20, U23, mixed relay, and senior men’s and senior women’s races. Great Britain had an incredible day, as did Finland and Norway. The local team did well, as did France.

What I love about the European Cross Country is how, for many years, the conditions have been full of mud after a night of rain. Each race makes the course even tougher.

What I enjoy about the second embed is the view of the conditions for the photographers. They go to great lengths to get you a unique view of the races.

Now, that is mud, glorious mud! #Brussels2023,

— RunBlogRun (@RunBlogRun) December 12, 2023