The 2024 Dubai Marathon is the twenty-third actual year of the event.

The marathon is less than two hours from this posting!

The following is the embed for the Marathon so that you can view the streaming broadcast by Tim Hutchings, Paula Radcliffe and

Pat Butcher.

Ethiopia’s Dera Dida, winner of the 2023 Dubai Marathon, will lead the women’s elite field when she returns for her title defence in Dubai on January 7, photo from Pace Events/Dubai Marathon

The broadcast will be live in Dubai at 5.50 AM Local time on January 7, 2024..

In North America, NYC time is 8:50 PM on January 6, 2024, in Chicago it is 7:50 PM, in Denver, it is 6:50 PM, and it is 5:50 PM in Portland, SFO and

Los Angeles.

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