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Featuring Garrett Heath, Head of Sports Marketing at Brooks & Professional Runner

Garrett Heath was named Head of Sports Marketing at Brooks Running just a week prior to the 2023 BAA.

Boston Marathon.

Garrett has had a long career in running, beginning at high school, then at Stanford, and for fifteen years as a professional runner, including a decade

as a Brooks Beasts TC. Garrett Heath competed as a cross-country runner and track athlete, then moved to roads and trails.

In this interview, which was done just weeks after the 2023 Boston Marathon, we speak with Garrett about his new job, the move from runner to running

business, and the new lessons he is learning in his new position.

Also, here are some fascinating observations about Olympic bronze medalist Josh Kerr.

I also enjoyed Garrett’s observations on Jesse Williams and his thoughts on the Sound Running events and their effect on the sport.

A final admission. I have spoken with Garrett for over a decade and always observed his observations, and his love of the sport is quite obvious.

So happy to see such a friend of the sport in the business of the sport.

Good luck, Garrett Heath!

Oh, and a final treat, Garrett Heath was our RBR Athlete of the Month in 2016 after his big cross-country win in Edinburgh, Scotland:

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