In March 2023, Global Athletics & Marketing conducted two days of interviews with selected media with some of their key athletes. This was done in Las Vegas, and the event was called the Global Athletics & Marketing Media and Business Conferences. GAM has done this now for seven years, not including the pandemic years. It is a fantastic resource, and now that few brands offer access to their athletes in such a situation, is a wonderful example of why GAM athletes continue to be seen in various media outlets around the world more than other management groups. It should be done by each and every management group. 

RunBlogRun conducted 25 interviews in two days with some of the finest stars in our sport.

Noah Lyles was one of my favorites. Each year that I interview Noah, I feel lucky to learn more about this amazing athlete.

Noah Lyles gives us behind-the-scenes stories about Tokyo 2021 and Eugene 2022 in this interview. I was curious about how he felt in 2021 and if he knew he was not at his best. I was also curious to know how Noah felt in 2022 and how he experienced that difference.

By this time in 2023, I had seen Noah race on three separate occasions, two remotely and one live (NB Grand Prix). Noah seemed on fire, and he knew something was different. He spent 26:32 sharing his Podcast, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and the 2022 Eugene with us.

Noah Lyles has a style all of his own.

All during the season, he has shown that.

Noah Lyles, more than many others, appreciates how to use modern media to bring many into the sport. And he is doing it well.

Zharnel Hughes, Noah Lyles, Wanda Diamond League
London Athletics Meet
July 23, 2023, London, England, U.K., photo by Kevin Morris

The New Balance Grand Prix showed a unique presence, and the NYC Grand Prix was spectacular. Noah Lyles is finally comfortable in his own skin.

It tells this writer several things; Noah Lyles is in tremendous shape, physically, but most importantly, mentally and spiritually. That comes from many things, his relationship with Lance Brauman, his coach, and the team that Brauman surrounds Lyles with, and the athlete’s maturity.

We are now less than two weeks away from the World Championships, where Noah Lyles is competing in the 100 meters, defending the 200 meters, and competing in the 4x100m relay.

We are a week away from his documentary film series on Peacock (NBC TV), titled “Untitled, The Noah Lyles Project.”

In this interview,  you will see an elite athlete give you more of a view of themselves than is seen in many interviews. I enjoyed it, and thank Noah Lyles for his frankness.

You also will see the care and feeding of an elite athlete with the talent, enthusiasm and focus of Noah Lyles. Focus is key.

Special thanks to Mark Wetmore, Global Athletics & Marketing, and Sandra Nels Kur for their support and enthusiasm for this event.

Special thanks to Mike Deering for managing the production of this interview.