Daniel Stahl and Mondo Duplantis will compete at Bauhaus Gala in Stockholm on June 2, 2024. Two of Sweden’s finest athletes will compete at home!
RunBlogRun visited Bauhaus for nearly a decade and loved the meet, the presser, the fans, and the 1912 Olympic Stadium! What a way to build toward Paris 2024!
Stahl and Mondo for Stockholm

STOCKHOLM (SWE): Swedish stars Mondo Duplantis and Daniel Stahl confirmed their participation at the Bauhaus Gala on June 2 next year. At this year’s edition, despite the weather, the interest in the competition was great, with over 10,000 spectators at the Stadium.  The meet on Sunday next year will be broadcast live on June 2 in SVT at 17:00-20:00. “The ability to throw at the iconic Olympic Stadium, embraced by the home crowd, is unbeatable, ” said Stahl. “Swedish people support me most of all, so I want to put on a great show and jump as high as I can in front of everyone who comes,” Duplantis was quoted as saying.

Mondo Duplantis, World Athletics Championships
Budapest, Hungary
August 19-27, 2023, photo by Kevin Morris

RunBlogRun opines: Sweden loves track and field. Like Norway, they have great stars. 

In Sweden, Daniel Stahl and Mondo Duplantis rock their sports world. They are on the covers of Swedish magazines, on Swedish TV and featured on all Swedish media.

Daniel Stahl went on the global stage in London in 2017, taking the silver. Daniel Stahl won the silver medal in the 2018 European Athletics Champs in Berlin, Germany. In 2019, Daniel Stahl took the gold in the discus at the World Championships.

In Tokyo 2021, Daniel Stahl took the gold medal in the discus at the postponed Olympics.

Daniel Stahl, photo by Bauhaus.Swe

2022 was an almost year for the superstar Swede, who took 4th in Eugene in July 2022 at the 2022 World Champs and 5th in the European Championships in August 2022 in Berlin. 

Daniel came back in 2023 and took gold in Budapest in front of 40,000 global fans and the entire country of Sweden viewing on TV. 

Daniel Stahl looks good for Paris 2024. 

Mondo Duplantis loves competing in front of his home crowd. He is considering competing at the World Indoor Champs in Glasgow, Scotland, in March 2024. 

Mondo Duplantis shares his world record pole vault with the fans, photo by Kevin Morris

The world record holder in the pole vault will join his fellow countryman, Daniel Stahl at the Bauhaus Gala on June 2, 2024.

The Road to Paris is about to begin.