This is Coffee with Larry for Tuesday, October 10, 2023.
Our topics:
1. The 45th Bank of America Chicago Marathon was my 35th visit to this wonderful race!
2. Kelvin Kiptum wins in 2:00.35! Last 10k in 27:52, last 5k in 14:01, fastest in 13:51, last half in 59:47! His shoe: Nike DEV 163, now NIKÈ Alphafly 3, approved by WA until Dec.2023, as a prototype. Consumer availability is now Jan 2024.
3. Sifan Hassan used a shoe in her 2:13.44. Sifan had a real race; Ruth Chepn’getich ran 2:15.37.
4. Berlin Marathon had women’s WR of 2:11.53 set in adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1, which was sold online at $488.75 on 14 September.
5. Both superhoes are approved by WA per Runners World.
6. Super shoes affect sports, but athletes are key.
7. Will big marathons continue to huge elite fields or go with 5 pacemakers and athlete of the day?
8. Is there a real limit to times?
9. Are we hurting sports with an obsession with fast times? What about racing?
10. Just because Kiptum can run at 2:00.35 does not mean he can not be beaten in Paris!
11. We have asked WA about the shoe approval process!
12. Congrats to the 45th Bank of America Chicago Marathon and it’s 48,500 finishers!