This is my daily chat with #RunBlogRun viewers and track fans on all things track & field!
This is Coffee with Larry for Thursday, May 25, 2023.
Our topics:
1. Rabat DL Men’s 100m: Jacobs vs. Kerley vs Omanyala, preview by Deji Ogeyingbo:…/who-comes-out-on-top-in…
2. USATF LA Grand Prix, Distances on Friday, May 26, LA GP on Saturday, May 24, watch #Runblogrun, and #peacock
3. Rabat Diamond League, Sunday, May 28, on peacock TV, big races there!
4. On May 25, 1935, Jesse Owens broke 6 world records in 2 hours!
5. NB Outdoors, June 15-18, 2023, (sponsored),
6. Sign up for the AJC Peachtree Road race, (sponsored)
7. Rabat and Florence have the Men’s 100m showdowns!
Jacobs vs Kerley vs Omanyala vs Bromell!
8. Eric Jenkins, fine 5,000m-10,000m runner, has announced his retirement, a true class act, we will miss him.
9. Off to LA today, will do Coffee with Larry about noon Pacific time tomorrow, after pressers, watch twitter and FB! Lots to chat about!
10. So long from der Larrenhalle, in Fort Atkinson, WI. back on Monday.
11. Next week, my dream is to go to FBH Hengelo, where Sifan Hassan is doubling at 10,000m/1,500m, saw Haile Gebreselassie run his last 10,000m there in 2012. Great meet.
So long for today, #coffeewithlarry