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This is Coffee with Larry for Thursday, June 8, 2023.
1. NCAA Story 1, by Dave Hunter, is up!…/day-one-a-cardinal-act…
Men’s 10,000m, NCAA 2023, photo by How Lao Photography
2. NCAA champs on Day 2; check out ESPN 2!
3. Dave Hunter doing a daily column on NCAA, plus Sam Fariss on women’s track,
How Lao on photography at NCAAs!
4. Paris presser today, will cover, and watch for Stuart Weir on Paris tomorrow!
Anna Hall, adidas Atlanta City Games, photo by Kevin Morris
5. Larry Eder at Brooks PR Invite next week!
6. Larry Eder at NYC Grand Prix, June 24, 2023!
7. NYC Grand Prix on Peacock, Paris on Peacock, and Oslo on Peacock!
8. Nboutdoors on June 15-18, register here:
See you tomorrow!