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This is #CoffeeWithLarry for Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

Our topics;

1. Thomas Bach wants to leave a legacy as the leader of the Olympic movement.
2. Bach wants to bring Russia and Belarus back into the party, and he knows most of Europe will lose their absolute minds and the Ukraine will not be happy.
3. In any parallel universe, what Russia did under Mr. Putin was wrong.
4. Seb Coe will keep World Athletics standing up to IOC, and that has to make Mr. Bach absolutely lose his charming disposition.
5. German media just kicks Mr. Bach for funzies.
6. Until Russia and Belarus get out of Ukraine, they should not be allowed to play games on the global village playground.
7. US do not get it, mostly because many Americans slept through History and Science classes.

European Indoor Championships, artwork by European Athletics

8. Living in Poland, Germany, France, Baltic states, you get it!
Russia is just a big bully.
9. PM Orban in Hungary uses the power he has, a country of 9 million in Central Europe got huge kudos on World Champs in Budapest!
10. Americans really need to appreciate the problems in Europe because they end up affecting US.
11. In Dec. 1941, 71 percent of Americans were against getting involved in the War in Europe.
12. Putin expects Americans to do their isolationist stuff once again and Europeans to fall apart. That is how he wins.
13. The Olympics are about bringing the world together, but there has to be a basic standard.

See you tomorrow, #CoffeeWithLarry.