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Coffee with Larry from the #TurkishAirlines Lounge in Istanbul, Turkey for Tuesday, May 2, 2023!
Our topics:
1. If you want to go to Europe reasonably, fly Turkish Airlines. I flew to Istanbul coach, worked in lounge, and (star alliance) and have NEVER ever seen a lounge like this anywhere in the world. Lufthansa is great, but Turkish Airlines is magnificent.
2. NB outdoors (sponsored) is June 15-18, 2023,
3. Read #Witnessthewonder each day, celebrating the #WABudapest2023! check here for tickets (sponsored):
4. And run the Peachtree on July 4, 2023! register here: (sponsored),
5. May 5 is the opening of the diamond league in Doha, I will be there,
Lamecha Girma took silver in Doha 2019, photo by World Athletics
6. May 6 is the #adidasAtlantacityGames, watch for our coverage, and we will post streaming info!
7. Sound Running has #TRACKFEST on Saturday night at Hilmer Lodge Stadium at Mt.SAC, May 6, 2023.
Woody Kincaid and Joe Klecker battle at The TEN, March 4, 2023, photo by Wendy Shulik/Wendy City Video
8. We will give you a full preview of Doha on Wednesday, May 3, 2023!
Heading to my flight to Doha from Istanbul; see you tomorrow on #CoffeewithLarry