This is Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

This is Coffee With Larry.

Coffee with Larry is our almost daily podcast on all things athletics. RunBlogRun’s Larry Eder is the emcee and host of this event from the Larrenhalle, the office of Fortius Media Group in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Our topics today:

Per Agence France Press, Kelvin Kiptum trains 155-175 miles a week. Prior to the London 2023 marathon, Kelvin put three weeks of 186 miles a week together.
The coach of Kiptum has suggested that he cut the pace of his training down so that he has a longer career.
In all eras, major elite racers seem to have a limit of fast times in their careers. What is the limit that Kelvin KIptum will find?
Some media suggested that Eliud’s time as King of roads is over with Kelvin KIptom’s new WR. This writer questions that.
Big difference between city marathon winners and Olympic and World Championship winners.
Sifan Hassan has decisions to make for Paris 2024. Will she follow Emil Zatopek in running 5000m, 10,000m, and marathon, or will she add the 1,500m and go for four events?
Fast times or racing, what do we want?
Fast times are fun, lots to talk about.
Our sport is about competition, and that needs to be promoted.
See you at Coffee with Larry tomorrow!