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This is Coffee With Larry for June 1, 2023.
Welcome to Las Vegas!
We visited Vegas to see my family, and you will hear the dulcet French countryside accent of my brother-in-law, Gervais Henric.
Our topics today:
1. LA Grand Prix shows the promise and frustration of events in the US.

2. Promise because, in the end, the performances of athletes shined, frustration that, even with little marketing, the meet had 4,000 on Friday and 7,249 on Saturday.

Valarie Allman, USATF Distance Classic
track & field meet
May 26, 2023, Los Angeles, USA, photo by Kevin Morris

3. Lack of communication scared the meet, with the #2 event having three open lanes due to Aleia Hobbs not running final (planned), Sha’Carri Richardson, and Marie Jose Ta Lou (unplanned), pulling out with cramps. That meet did not have 3 sprinters ready to race, and NBC had no warning on LIVE TV, which shows another reason why TV absolutely despises the amateurism in our sport.
Women’s 100 meters, USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix
Gold Label track & field meet
May 26, 2023, Los Angeles, USA, photo by Kevin Morris
4. Cramps happen, as Sha’Carri and Marie Jose noted, but meets can be aware, and in typical fashion, no one knew what was going on.
5. Thank God that the Men’s 100 meters, the last event on the broadcast, lived up to the hype so that the Women’s 100mm was not such a clusterf#ck.
6. NB Outdoors is June 15-18, 2023, at (sponsored).
7. Ryan Crouser gave a rousing interview post-WR in LA; thanks, Ryan!
8. Sam Kendricks was wonderful in his first competition in a long time in the US. He also did a fine interview.
9. Register for the Atlanta Peachtree 2023 by June 4, 2023, (sponsored)
10. One of the most animated interviews was Hobbs Kessler after his 3:32.65 PB at LA GP!

Always enjoy @hobbs_kessler, and he ran a gutty PB yesterday. Watch Hobbs, he is a true talent, and he will break that PB again soon! #LAGrandPrix, #continentalTourgold, #track, #trackandfield, #tracklife,#trackandfieldlife, @WAbudapest23, @paris2024, @verynice_tc,…

— RunBlogRun (@RunBlogRun) May 28, 2023

11. Jennifer Prandini won the 200m, and her interview was a lot of fun; thanks, Jennifer!

Jenna Prandini is now being coached by Bobby Kersee and she is very happy, and confident after her big win over 200 in LA. #LAGrandPrix, #continentalTourgold, #track, #trackandfield, #tracklife,#trackandfieldlife, @WAbudapest23, @paris2024,

— RunBlogRun (@RunBlogRun) May 28, 2023

12. Need a shot put or a hurdle? Please check with our sponsor,, for your equipment needs!
13. Mondo Duplantis opened up outdoors at 5.91m for the in, in tough conditions, and did a fine interview post-event.

Here’s a good story about @mondohoss600 . I observed Mondo warming up on Saturday, signing autographs, taking selfies, and chatting with fans who were totally starstruck. Mondo gets it, and he speaks with the media often. His sponsors do more than get their money’s worth. Thanks…

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14. Rabat meet was fantastic; watch our stories.
15. Florence is June 2, 2023, and has an excellent schedule,
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