This is Coffee With Larry for Friday, August 4, 2023.

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Our topics today:

1. The questions on Athing Mu continue.
2. If Athing Mu runs the 800m in Budapest, she will not participate in the 4×400, per what Bobby Kersee told Adam Grief of the LA Times. Athing Mu has run one 800m race, and the rounds and final of the 1,500m at US Champs.
3. The LA Grand Prix and NYC Grand Prix were successful meets, but the optics of Bobby Kersee pulling athletes out of meets, and now possibly out of World Champs, is just not good for the sport.

The Women’s 800m in Budapest, with or without Athing Mu, art by Deji Ogeyingbo

4. The Ed Murphey Classic is on Peacock tonight, 7:30 PM Central time.
5. Just two weeks prior to the World Champs, which I am quite excited about!
6. How to manage good PR and bad PR in our sport.

7. The podcast, Athletics Chat is coming back, with Stuart and I on a weekly basis.

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