This is Coffee With Larry for Thursday, August 3, 2023.

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Our topics:

1. Bobby Kersee is the coach of Athing Mu and Sydney McLaughlin. As a coach, he is responsible for protecting his athletes and building them to the events that make the most sense for them. If Athing Mu runs in Budapest, no 4x400m.

2. It has been about the Optics for Bobby Kersee. In May, Coach Kersee pulled Athing and Sydney out of the LA Grand Prix, a meet he helped found and promote.

3. The optics are also difficult for the Athing Mu situation.


4. Argument that Olympic and World Champ may or may not need a break at this time and not run in Budapest 2023 and focus on Paris 2024.

5. Bobby Kersee is a fine, obsessive coach, and his athletes love him.

6. Seb Coe spoke with print media on July 31 and several stories,,,

Bobby Kersee speaking about Athing Mu, design by Deji Ogeyingbo

, and so far. RunBlogRun will post a piece on Seb Coe’s interview tomorrow.

7. Jesse Owens won the 100 meters on August 3, 1936, 87 years ago.

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