This is Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

This is a hill day.

Your workout today:

Warm up slowly, focus on the big muscles,

20 minutes of running, easy to moderate,

6 x 600 meter hills, jog down,

6 x 300 meter hills, jog down,

6 x 200 meter hills, jog down,

30 minutes of running, moderate to easy,

6 x 150m stride out,

15 minutes easy running,

stretch for cooldown,


get out of wet clothes,



Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Hills are the secret sauce. Olympians like Lasse Viren used 800m hills to prepare for both Munich and Montreal, as he was dealing with tender Achilles tendons. At Foothill College, head coach Joe Mangan and I used hill runs, hill fartleks, and hill repeats to build our cross-country team from early-season blahs to late-season confidence and focus. 

This is the special make for Josh Kerr. This is the Brooks Hyperion Elite LD, from Brooks Running