The building continues….the big races are 3 months away….

This is your workout for Thursday, January 18, 2024

Our workout today is a good hill day:

Warmup slowly,

20 minutes, easy to moderate running,

8 x 400m hills, jog down,

20 minutes running, moderate to hard,

8 x 200m hills, jog down,

20 minutes moderate to easy,

slow cooldown,


change out of wet clothes,

change shoes,


Josh Kerr is the World Champion, photo by Kevin Morris.

Deep thoughts from Larry: In their campaign to win an Olympic medal, Danny Mackey (the coach) and Josh Kerr (the athlete) built a 3 year plan for success. Each day builds on the day before, each race reveals something new, and the coach and athlete communicate with the final goal in mind. In 2021, Josh Kerr took the Olympic bronze at the 1,500m. In 2022, recovering from COVID-19, Josh took 5th in WC 1,500m in Eugene and 6th in 1,500m at Commonwealth. In 2023, in good health and full of confidence, Josh Kerr took the World Championships gold at 1,500m, defeating Norway’s Jakob Ingebrigtsen. One wonders out loud what Josh Kerr and his coach, Danny Mackey have planned for 2024! 

Brooks Hyperion Elite LD (shoe worn by Josh Kerr)

RunBlogRun presents Socialing The Distance with Larry Eder, Featuring Josh Kerr,Brooks Beasts TC, Clip 1 – Training with Coach Danny Mackey