The second day of track & field in Eugene was spectacular.

Here are my five takeaways:

The crowd was modest but into the Champs. These are the converted but also the not-so converted. I met, at my Motel 6 in Springfield, not the Heroin Alley one on International Parkway, but one on Glenwood, several families there to watch track and field. I met a family who brought their 8 and 10-year-olds to see the meet as a surprise birthday for the 8-year-old boy, who loves Noah Lyles and Christian Coleman and runs on a track club!
Anna Hall is remarkable, and her battle with Nafi Thiam in Budapest could be legendary. JJK, AR holder in the heptathlon, told me last summer that “Anna has what it takes,”. Last summer, she won the bronze. This year, at Gotzis, she scored 6988. This week, she scored 6,667. Watch her in Budapest; she will be tough.
Harrison Williams, the new decathlon champ, will be a force. Harrison scored 8630 in the decathlon. This guy has been in the dec wars for a decade, and he gets it. Watch him in Budapest.
Sha’Carri Richardson destroyed the competition. Sha’Carri ran 10.71 in round 1, then 10.75 and 10.84. She will do an interview with the media post 200 meters on Sunday. She is remaining focused, and her performance was brilliant.
Cravont Charleston will become a big name. Cravont won from lane 7 as Christian Coleman was holding off Noah Lyles. Cravont had run 9.95, and 9.90 PB earlier in the summer. He is the real thing. The US has a tough team.