This is Sunday, June 11, 2023.

This is your seventh day of the training week.

And if it is Sunday, it is a long run.

In university, my coach, Dan Durante, instilled a  work ethic into my teammates and me at Santa Clara University. Our weeks were based around a long Sunday run, a Tuesday track night, Wednesday moderate long run, and perhaps a Thursday hill run. We built from 60 miles a week in our first year to 100-120 miles by my senior year. My teammates tended to run much lower miles, in 50-60 miles a week. I thrived on high mileage and difficult hill sessions during winter and summer buildups.

Long runs were my weekly therapy in the two hours and twenty minutes in the Santa Cruz mountains. Paul Gyorey and I, in our first 4 years, would chat for first hour, then the grind began. The last ten to twelve miles were uphill in Redwood groves, only hearing our breathing. I would find that time was when I considered my previous week, from training to how I treated my fellow human beings.

I miss that time.

Your workout today, is warm up gently, run 75-90 minutes, moderate pace, and then, cooldown by stretching and hydrating.