Today is July 12, 2023.

Your workout today is to warm up well, run 50-60 minutes on trails, with a few hills, and cool down well.

Read these 2 stories and think about them.

In the women’s 800m, Nia Atkins from Brooks Beasts TC won the 800m title at USATF. She had a few tough years and was considering her running career. On the Men’s side, Isaiah Harris makes the 800m team. Isaiah is on the Brooks Beasts TC. He was hurt at a World Indoor a couple of years ago. Brooks has been supporting athletes for decades and has had a handful make Olympic teams and WC teams. This year they had 2 make it in the 800m. Congrats to Coach Danny Mackey.

On Monday, as I left the champs, Grant Foster, the AR in the 10,000m, came on the plane in crutches. He had aggravated his achilles and could not run the 5,000m, after just missing the 10,000m team. Grant has a drive, he will be back.

All athletes have challenges, and how they react to those challenges tells the real story.