This is Thursday, May 11. 2023.

This is track day, so stay focused.

Track days shake it up a bit and help prepare you for the stress and challenges of race days. We have done tempo, hill, and racing since January,

and I tend to keep the track days to 6-8 weeks to keep injuries down and focus up.

Your warm-up today is nice and slow, a good mile easy, then stretching, including pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, then 6 150 meter stride outs,

and now the track day: 8 x 400 meters at the current 5k race pace, with a 200-meter jog in between, then 800 meters of easy jogging, followed up by 8 x 200 meters, at the current mile pace, with a 200-meter jog in between, followed by 20 minutes of easy running and a good cooldown.