This is Sunday, April 23, 2023.

It is the long run day of the week Six, on day seven.

Long runs are not just a physical benefit, but I always found them a great way to clear the mind, remember that there are things outside of

our mortal engines that provide a sense of a crazy world, and to share time with my training partners.

I recall many Sundays with Paul Gyorey, who I trained with for five or six years. Paul and I would talk most of the first ten miles of our Sunday runs, then, as we turned back, the grind would begin. During the long, 30-40 minute grind back uphill, we could hear our breathing changing and feel our hearts pumping, and we knew that we were alive.

Your workout today is a good warm-up, then 75-90 minutes of running; keep the first 15-20 easy and gradually pick up the pace, use the last 45 minutes as a good push uphill, and then, over the last 15 minutes cool the pace down, and remember to stretch and hydrate afterwards.