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This Day in Track & Field–June 24   

1950—A month after setting a World Record of 13.5 in the 120-yard hurdles, Dick Attlesey ran 13.6 to get another record at the slightly longer metric distance (110m) at the U.S. Championships in College Park, Maryland.

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WR Progression: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men%27s_110_metres_hurdles_world_record_progression


1960—John Thomas set the third of his four World Records in the High Jump with a clearance of 7-2 (2.185) at the U.S. Championships in Bakersfield, California.

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WR Progression: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men’s_high_jump_world_record_progression


1961—Breaking a logjam at 9.3, Villanova’s Frank Budd improved the World Record for 100 yards to 9.2 (out of lane 1) on the first day of the AAU Championships at Downing Stadium on NY’s Randall’s Island. His teammate at Villanova, Paul Drayton, finished second in 9.3.

            I was in the stands to see Budd’s record, but had to miss the 2nd day, which was attended by almost 20,000 fans, to attend my graduation from St.Augustine H.S. in Brooklyn (I think my parents would have disowned me if I skipped that).


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Jan Merrill, Grete Waitz, photo by Mark Shearman

1975—Just days before she married Jack Waitz, Norway’s Grete Andersen ran 8:46.6 in Oslo to set a World Record for 3000-meters.

            WR Progressionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women’s_3000_metres_world_record_progression

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1976—Paula Girven  (Gar-Field,Va), who had set a H.S. Record of 6-1  ¾ (1.87) earlier in the year, cleared 6-1  ¼ [1.86]) to  upset American Record holder Joni Huntley (6-1/2 [1.84]) in the Women’s High Jump  at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene.

Others making the team (with eventual Olympic medals).


110m-Hurdles-1.Charles Foster 13.44w, 2.Willie Davenport (bronze) 13.52w, 3.James Owens 13.57w

Hammer-1.Larry Hart 222-7 (67.84), 2.Ted Bregar 221-5 (67.48), 3.Al Jackson 218-6 (66.60)


200-1.Brenda Morehead 22.49w, 2.Chandra Cheeseborough (H.S. Senior) 22.64w, 3.Debra Armstrong 22.74