The Challenging Road To Paris – 8th in A Series – Bryce Hoppel  – By Jeff Benjamin 

One could say that Bryce Hoppel has been improving on a stellar upward curve!

With consistently improving performances over the last few years, Hoppel made a real breakthrough this past winter, culminating in an 800-meter Gold Medal at the World Indoor Championships.

Hoppel took some time to share his thoughts on the upcoming trials.

1) How is your training coming along & what event(s?) are you looking to at the Trials?

“Training has been coming along better than ever! Flagstaff and training with the new guys have really helped me reach a new level of strength.”

Bryce Hoppel, Millrose 2022, photo by Jeff Benjamin

2) Is there anything you’ve changed in your training for this Olympic year?

“Nothing in the training has changed, but the new environment has been a huge factor for me.”

3) Is there anything you’ve changed in your training for this Olympic year?

“Coach Whitt at the University of Kansas has been coaching me through my whole career, and his plan has been the reason for my success. Joining the Very Nice Track Club has been a seamless transition, and having such incredible training partners has been a huge benefit to putting Coach Whitt’s training into action. And of course, my family and friends have been there to support me well before running.”

Bryce Hoppel, 800m heats, World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA
July15-26, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris

5) Any advice you’d like to give out there, especially to young runners?

“Always have faith and believe in yourself. As a young kid, it was always just a dream to me to be a professional athlete and Olympian. Set the goals high, and don’t stop working until you achieve them.”

Bryce Hoppel, USATF New York Grand Prix
Continental Tour Gold
presented by Global Athletics & Marketing Inc., photo by Kevin Morris