John Reniweicki placed 8th in heat 2 of the 1,500m on Friday night, June 21, 2024. He ran 3:38.03 and just advanced to the semi-final on Saturday, June 22, 2024. 

The Challenging Road To Paris – 6th in A Series – John Reniewicki – By Jeff Benjamin 

A few months ago, it looked like John Reniewicki would compete in the Eugene Olympic Trials for a spot in the 5000.

But at the Drake Relays last April, the Under Armour runner clocked a 1500-meter time of 3:36.44, closing with a last 400-meter split of 54 seconds.

With a seeded time of 3:35.90, Reniewicki is also in the mix with America’s top milers.

Great thanks to Hawi Keflezighi for helping with the interview!

1) How is your training coming along?

“Everything is good here. Our group has been back in Baltimore since after the LA Grand Prix. Before that, we had a strong altitude stent in Flagstaff.”

2) What are your scheduled races prior to the Olympic Trials?

“After the 5000m in LA, my last big race weekend was a couple of weeks ago, with a 1500 m in Atlanta and then, the following day, an 800 m in Nashville. The focus here was to get a hard 800m effort after racing a 1500m. Time wasn’t so much of a focus in Atlanta; it was more about practicing racing.”

John Renewiecki, Yared Nuguse, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun

3) Has you changed anything in your training for the Olympic year?

“There are some little things that have changed this year compared to last, but not because it’s an Olympic year. It’s more just the nature of our team, and we are always finding areas to improve and get better year to year. The most significant change this year was just the timing of some more specific track work. We pushed that back a few weeks and held on to strength, working a bit longer.”

4) Who comprises your support system, and why are they important?

“My coach and his teammates, my family, and some close friends. If I’ve learned anything in this sport, it’s that the people you do this with are what matter most. I’m lucky to be surrounded by not only really talented athletes but also great people. When it’s time to be serious, we’ve got a great group. But when it’s time to forget about running for a bit and enjoy life, I’ve got a great group for that, too.”

5) Any advice you’d like to give out there, especially to young runners?

“Enjoy the work. Don’t compare yourself to others and put extra pressure on yourself. You can have everything you want in this sport. You just have to know exactly what it is that you want and be willing to be patient while you work to get there.”