The second day was a near-perfect day of track & field.

The broadcast from NBC tried to make up for not broadcasting anything on the first day (total B.S.) and wove into two hours some tremendous races while covering several of the field events. 

The 1,500 meters both lived up to the hype, as did the day’s final event, the 60-meter race.

The Men’s 60-meter race was a perfect ending to the show, with Noah Lyles continuing his journey to Paris, with a stop in Glasgow in a few weeks. 

This is the release on day 2 from USA Track & Field. 


ALBUQUERQUE – The final race of the USATF Indoor Championships lived up to the hype Saturday at the Convention Center, featuring a head-to-head matchup of the world’s top two men’s sprinters. World 60 record holder Christian Coleman, the fastest starter in the business, was in lane four, and to his right was world 100 and 200 champion Noah Lyles, the world leader in 2024.

Coleman got out quickly, as expected, but didn’t have enough of a lead to hold off fast-closing Lyles, who has the best top-end speed in the world right now. Lyles leaned at the line to win a world-leading 6.43, just .01 ahead of Coleman. Lyles moved to No. 9 on the all-time world performer list and No. 6 on the U.S. performer list.

The throws also elicited fireworks, with Ryan Crouser blasting the second-best indoor throw ever and missing his own world indoor record in the shot put, and Erin Reese taking over the No. 2 spot on the all-time world list in the women’s weight throw.

Two world records, seven meet records, and eight world-leading marks for 2024 highlighted another successful championship in the 11th edition held in Albuquerque.

Saturday’s highlights:

– Erin Reese had three of the best throws in American women’s weight throw history, topped by a 25.73/84-5 in round two to move to No. 2 on the world all-time performer list and win her first U.S. indoor title. It was the third-best performance ever.

Allie Wilson takes the Women’s 800m, photo by Kevin Morris, 2024 USATF Indoor Champs

– Racing to a meet record 50.34 in the women’s 400, World Championships mixed 4×400 relay gold medalist Alexis Holmes won her first U.S. indoor title and moved to No. 4 on the all-time U.S. performer list.

Ryan Crouser takes the win and world lead in the shot put, 22.80m, photo by Kevin Morris, 2024 USATF Indoor Championships

– The 244th 22.00+-meter throw of his career put Ryan Crouser in complete control in the men’s shot put after round two, and he hit #245 in round four to improve his lead. In round five, he hit on all cylinders and unleashed a 22.80/74-9.75, the second-best indoor throw ever and only two centimeters off his world record. A final round effort 22.15 improved his career 22m tally to 247. Roger Steen notched a P.B. of 21.47/70-5.25 to take second.

– Taking over the lead near the halfway mark of the men’s 1500, Cole Hocker pulled away to regain the title he won in 2022, breaking his own meet record with a 3:37.51 that put him more than second in front of Hobbs Kessler, the world road mile champion.

Cole Hocker takes the 1,500m title, photo by Kevin Morris, 2024 USATF Indoor Championships

– Katie Moon defended her title in the women’s pole vault and nabbed her fourth career gold at the indoor championships by sailing over 4.80/15-9 on her first attempt. Moon had no misses until the bar reached 4.90/16-0.75.

Katie Moon, USATF National Indoor Track & Field Championship
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, photo by Kevin Morris

– Returning to the straightaway where she set the American record last year, Aleia Hobbs defended the women’s 60 titles with a season-best and American-leading 7.02.

– Allie Wilson surged past early leader Addy Wiley in the final 20 meters to win her first women’s 800 title in 2:00.63, with Wiley the runner-up in a P.B. 2:00.70.

– Going to the lead with just over 300 to go in the men’s 800, defending champion Bryce Hoppel won his fourth straight U.S. title in 1:46.67, holding off a late charge by Isaiah Harris, who took second in 1:46.78

Bryce Hoppel, Isaiah Harris, photo by Kevin Morris

– Winning her third straight national gold and fourth overall indoors, Keturah Orji responded to a big jump by American record holder Jasmine Moore to leap 14.50/47-7 in the fifth round and defeat Moore by seven centimeters.

– A mad dash for the line gave Brian Faust his first national title in the men’s 400 by .01 over Jacory Patterson. Faust set a P.B. of 45.47.

– Nikki Hiltz won a second straight women’s 1500 title with a decisive move over the final two laps, crossing the line in 4:08.35.

Nikki Hiltz takes the 1,500 meters, photo by Kevin Morris for the 2024 USATf Indoor Champs

– USC’s Johnny Brackins picked an opportune time for a lifetime best in the men’s long jump, spanning 8.23/27-0 on his final attempt to win his first national crown.


Women 60 Meter Dash Prevagen Preliminaries

Heat 1: 1, Mikiah Brisco, adidas, 7.13Q. 2, Tamara Clark, adidas, 7.20Q. 3,

Samirah Moody, USC, 7.25Q. 4, Kiara Lagwen Brown, TxAM-Commerce, 7.28q. 5,

Divonne Franklin, GSTC, 7.32. 6, Taylor Anderson, GSTC, 7.41.

Heat 2: 1, Aleia Hobbs, adidas, 7.10Q. 2, Celera Barnes, adidas, 7.15Q. 3,

Kiara Parker, ASICS, 7.18Q. 4, Zhane Smith, unattached, 7.28q. 5, Anavia

Battle, adidas, 7.34.

Women 60 Meter Dash Prevagen Final

1, Aleia Hobbs, adidas, 7.02. 2, Mikiah Brisco, adidas, 7.06. 3,

Celera Barnes, adidas, 7.09. 4, Tamara Clark, adidas, 7.12. 5, Kiara Parker,

ASICS, 7.15. 6, Samirah Moody, USC, 7.27. 7, Kiara Lagwen Brown,

TxAM-Commerce, 7.30. 8, Zhane Smith, unattached, 7.37.

Women 400 Meter Dash Final

1, Alexis Holmes, NIKE, 50.34. 2, Talitha Diggs, adidas, 51.23. 3,

Quanera Hayes, NIKE, 51.76. 4, Bailey Lear, unattached, 52.06. 5, Jessica

Wright, Buford Bailey TC, 52.37. 6, Naasha Robinson, unattached, 52.79.

Women 800 Meter Run NIKE Final

1, Allie Wilson, unattached, 2:00.63. 2, Addison Wiley, adidas,

2:00.70. 3, Nia Akins, Brooks/B.B., 2:00.90. 4, Sammy Watson, adidas, 2:00.94.

5, Olivia Baker, Atlanta TC, 2:02.21. 6, Angel Piccirillo, PUMA/PUMA El R,


Women 1500 Meter Run Final

1, Nikki Hiltz, lululemon, 4:08.35. 2, Emily Mackay, NBal/NBal

Boston, 4:08.70. 3, Anna Camp-Bennett, adidas, 4:10.20. 4, Gabrielle Jennings,

adidas, 4:13.68. 5, Rachel Smith, HOKA, 4:13.76. 6, Laurie Barton, Atlanta TC,

4:16.84. 7, Elly Henes, adidas, 4:19.68.

Women Pole Vault Final

1, Katie Moon, NIKE, 4.80m, (15-09). 2, Sandi Morris, PUMA, 4.75m,

(15-07). 3, Gabriela Leon, PUMA, 4.70m, (15-05). 4, Bridget Williams,

unattached, 4.60m, (15-01). 5, Emily Grove, unattached, 4.50m, (14-09). 5,

Kristen Leland, unattached, 4.50m, (14-09). 7, Brynn King, Roberts Wesleyan,

4.50m, (14-09). 8, Rachel Baxter, unattached, 4.40m, (14-05.25). 9, Sydney

Walter, unattached, 4.25m, (13-11.25). 10, Mackenzie Beukes, unattached,

4.25m, (13-11.25). 11, Chinne Okoronkwo, unattached, 4.25m, (13-11.25)..

Women Triple Jump Final

1, Keturah Orji, Mizuno, 14.50m, (47-07). 2, Jasmine Moore, PUMA,

14.43m, (47-04.25). 3, Mylana Hearn, unattached, 13.81m, (45-03.75). 4, Lexi

Ellis, CTG Development, 13.13m, (43-01). 5, Imani Oliver, Tracksmith, 13.06m,

(42-10.25). 6, Arianna Fisher, unattached, 13.04m, (42-09.50). 7, Cierra

Pulliam, unattached, 12.78m, (41-11.25).

Women Weight Throw Final

1, Erin Reese, Velaasa, 25.73m, (84-05). 2, Brooke Andersen, NIKE

NYAC, 24.35m, (79-10.75). 3, Janeah Stewart, New York AC, 24.29m, (79-08.25).

4, Rachel Tanczos, Velaasa, 23.26m, (76-03.75). 5, Elisia Lancaster, Shore AC,

22.58m, (74-01). 6, Chioma Njoku, Maryland, 20.15m, (66-01.50).

Men 60 Meter Dash NIKE Preliminaries

Heat 1: 1, Emmanuel Wells, unattached, 6.58Q. 2, Pjai Austin, adidas, 6.60Q.

3, Demek Kemp, ASICS, 6.64. 4, Jae’len Means, GSTC, 6.66. 5, Dominick Corley,

Spokane Speed, 6.66. 6, Kendal Williams, adidas, 6.67.

Heat 2: 1, Christian Coleman, NIKE, 6.49Q. 2, Ronnie Baker, adidas, 6.53Q. 3,

Brandon Carnes, ASICS, 6.61q. 4, Coby Hilton, unattached, 6.65. 5, Mason

Phillips, unattached, 6.72. 6, Bryan Sosoo, Tracksmith/CPTC, 6.72.

Heat 3: 1, Noah Lyles, adidas, 6.52Q. 2, ZaChaeus Beard, unattached, 6.59Q.

3, JT Smith, unattached, 6.59q. 4, Sam Blaskowski, UW-La Crosse, 6.65. 5,

Kasaun James, unattached, 6.67.

Men 60 Meter Dash NIKE Final

1, Noah Lyles, adidas, 6.43. 2, Christian Coleman, NIKE, 6.44. 3,

Ronnie Baker, adidas, 6.51. 4, Emmanuel Wells, unattached, 6.56. 5, Brandon

Carnes, ASICS, 6.57. 6, ZaChaeus Beard, unattached, 6.58. 7, Pjai Austin,

adidas, 6.58. 8, JT Smith, unattached, 6.58.

Men 400 Meter Dash Final

1, Brian Faust, GSTC, 45.47. 2, Jacory Patterson, adidas, 45.48.

3, Chris Bailey, unattached, 45.76. 4, Paul Dedewo, unattached, 46.08. 5,

Matthew Boling, unattached, 46.19. 6, Bryce Deadmon, NIKE, 46.60.

Men 800 Meter Run K.T. Tape Final

1, Bryce Hoppel, adidas, 1:46.67. 2, Isaiah Harris, Brooks Beasts,

1:46.78. 3, Josh Hoey, adidas, 1:47.41. 4, Abraham Alvarado, unattached,

1:47.86. 5, Vincent Crisp, UArm MR Balt, 1:47.99. 6, Shane Streich, Atlanta

T.C., 1:48.41.

Men 1500 Meter Run Garden of Life Final

1, Cole Hocker, NIKE, 3:37.51. 2, Hobbs Kessler, adidas, 3:38.76.

3, Henry Wynne, Brooks/B.B., 3:38.81. 4, Cooper Teare, NIKE, 3:38.99. 5, Vincent

Ciattei, Under Armour/D.S., 3:39.03. 6, Sam Prakel, adidas, 3:40.04. 7, Casey

Comber, UArm/UA MRB, 3:40.06. 8, Sam Ellis, On, 3:41.74. 9, John Reniewicki,

UArm/UA MRB, 3:43.44. 10, Craig Engels, NIKE, 3:44.59. 11, Eric Holt, Empire

Elite, 3:44.97. 12, Josh Thompson, NIKE/Bowerman TC, 3:54.25.

Men Long Jump Final

1, Johnny Brackins, USC, 8.23m, (27-00). 2, Isaac Grimes,

unattached, 8.06m, (26-05.50). 3, Jarrion Lawson, unattached, 8.05m, (26-05).

4, Trumaine Jefferson, unattached, 8.03m, (26-04.25). 5, Jason Smith,

unattached, 8.03m, (26-04.25). 6, Will Williams, unattached, 7.99m,

(26-02.75). 7, Rayvon Grey, unattached, 7.95m, (26-01). 8, James Carter,

unattached, 7.82m, (25-08). 9, JuVaughn Harrison, PUMA, 7.73m, (25-04.50). 10,

Cordell Tinch, NIKE, 7.61m, (24-11.75). 11, Cameron Crump, unattached, 7.52m,

(24-08.25). 12, Jalen Seals, unattached, 7.48m, (24-06.50).

Men Shot Put Final

1, Ryan Crouser, NIKE, 22.80m, (74-09.75). 2, Roger Steen,

Velaasa, 21.47m, (70-05.25). 3, Jordan Geist, Iron Wood T.C., 20.50m,

(67-03.25). 4, Tripp Piperi, unattached, 20.43m, (67-00.50). 5, Nik Curtiss,

unattached, 20.33m, (66-08.50). 6, Patrick Larrison, unattached, 19.51m,

(64-00.25). 7, Jeffrey Kline, Maryland, 19.48m, (63-11). 8, T’Mond Johnson,

Garage Strength, 19.42m (63-08.75). 9, Myles Kerner, Grand Valley, 19.14m,

(62-09.50). 10, Zach Landa, Arizona, 18.63m, (61-01.50). 11, Lucas Warning,

Garage Strength, 17.45m, (57-03).