ROMA 2024 DAY 3

 “I am just so happy I made it. I did not care about the time. Today was not my goal. I was not at the 200 percent – I was only at 100 percent. But as athletes, we have to be at 200… Then, the 200 will come at the Olympics,” Alice Finot.

“And it is 201 again—it is a good result, and it shows that I can jump higher and higher. But for tonight, my goal is fulfilled, and thanks to God, I did not feel the pain in my hamstring. Now, I have time to recover even more and prepare for the year’s main competition,” Yaroslava Mahuchikh.

Wojciech Nowicki won his third consecutive European title in the hammer throw, surpassing his rivals with 80.95 in the last series and moving from third to victory.

It was a French day, Alice Finot won her first ever global steeplechase medal (and after a discussion about dq due to running out of lane), and it was gold; Gabriel Tual won the 800 m, and Ilionis Guillaume and Agathe Guillemot won their first individual senior medals.

MEDALS (24 countries)
ITA 7-5-3, FRA 3-1-2, GBR 2-2-3, NOR 2-1-0, IRL 2-0-0, ESP 1-3-2, NED 1-2-1, POL 1-1-2, CRO 1-1-0, UKR 1-0-3

POINTS (31 countries)
ITA 126, ESP 92.5, GBR 86.5, GER 82, FRA 77, NED 41, POL 38, SUI 35, NOR 30, ROU 27, UKR, BEL, SWE 26


Yes (8): Schilder, Tentoglou, Thiam, Ingebrigtsen (5000m), Jacobs, Elkasevic, Mahuchikh, Nowicki

No (7): Ntrismpioti (20kmW), Alekna, Skrzyszowska, Martínez, Mihaljevic, Gega, Lückenkemper

NC (5): Klosterhalfen, Martín, Bekh-Romanchuk, García, Muir


WL (5): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, WL outdoor Peleteiro 14.85

CR (8): 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 14:35.29 5000m Battocletti, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, 22.45 shot put Fabbri, 1:01:03 half marathon Crippa, 1:08:09 half marathon Grovdal

U20WR (1): 838 long jump Furlani

EL (11): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.43+12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, 13.20+13.05 110m hurdles Simonelli, 14.85 triple jump Peleteiro-Compaoré, 10.96 100m Asher-Smith, 9:16.22 Finot steeple, 201 Mahuchikh outdoor EL

U23ER (1): 12.40 100H Kambundji
U20ER (1): 838 long jump Furlani

NR (19): 7 – ITA; 2 – FRA; 1 – BEL, CRO, ESP, EST, FIN, IRL, LUX, MKD, SUI, TUR

AGENTS (individual gold medals)
3 – Marcello Magnani, Daniel Wessfeldt; 2 – Alfons Juck, Ricky Simms, Benjamin Soreau; 1- Tom Bosworth, Gianni Demadonna, Aivar Karotamm, Marius Kranendonk, Federico Rosa, Kim Vanderlinden, Czeslaw Zapala, Miguel Mostaza. Palmisano has no agent. Finot agent not known.

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

Men Half marathon
1:01:03 by Crippa is the Euro Champ record.  The winning margin of 1 sec is the smallest ever for the event in Euro Champ. Best marks for place 1st to at least 8th were recorded for the men’s Half marathon in Euro Champ. ITA won gold and silver, the first time any nation won multiple medals at men’s half marathon in the Euro Champ

Women Half Marathon
1:08:09 by Grovdal is Euro Champ’s record for the women’s half marathon. The winning margin of 46 seconds is the largest ever for this event in Euro Champ. Best marks for place 1st to at least 10th were recorded in the Euro Champ Women’s Half Marathon. First medal for NOR, ROU, and GBR at women’s half marathon in Euro Champ

TJ qualifying
17.52 by Diaz is the third longest TJ in the qualifying round of Euro Champ; the longest TJ in the qualifying round is 17.59.

WHT qualifying
68.52 by Rachele Mori is the longest Women HT that failed to qualify for the final of Euro Champ.

400m semi
44.75 by Sito is the second fastest time for semi of 400m in Euro Champ; only Jonathan Borlee`s time of 44.71 from 2010 is faster. 44.65 by Dobson is the fastest semi-time of 400m in Euro Champ; it is also the fifth fastest time of 400m in Euro Champ

W100m semi
11.16 by Takacs is the fastest time that failed to make the final of W100m in Euro Champ, replacing 11.21 by Ekk from 1998

200m semi
20.14 by Tortu is the fastest semi-time of 200m in Euro CHamp, replacing 20.16 by John Regis (1990 and Alex Wilson (2018)

9:16.22 is third fastest w3000mSC in Euro CHamp. 3.97 is the largest difference between 3rd and 4th in W3000mSC in Euro Champ. Best marks for place for 3rd to at least 8th in Euro Champ W3000mSC. First gold for FRA at W3000mSC in Euro Champ.

Tual won the first gold for FRA at 800m in Euro Champ.

Nowicki won third gold in HT at Euro Champ, matching the feat of Yuri Sedykh. Nowicki won the fourth medal, the most ever for HThrower at Euro Champ. Halasz also won the third medal and second silver at HT in the Euro Champs.

The first gold was for ESP, and the first medal was for TUR in WTJ at Euro Champ. First medal for FRA by GUILLAUME at WTJ in Euro Champ

Mageean won the first gold for IRL at W1500m in Euro Champ; she previously won bronze in 2016 and silver in 2022, so she now has a complete set of medals.

This is the second gold for Asher-Smith; she now joins Schippers and Gohr as the third multiple gold medal winners at W100m in Euro Champ. Her best marks were 6-8 in the 100 m final at Europeans.


ROME (ITA): Lada Vondrová of the Czech Republic has withdrawn from the 400m semifinals. She was replaced by Belgium’s Helena Ponette. Also, Iga Baumgart-Witan has withdrawn and was replaced by Norway’s Astri Ertzgaard. 2022 bronze medallist Alex Haydock-Wilson of Great Britain replaced Poland’s Karol Zalewski, who also withdrawn.

ROME (ITA): Tobia Bocchi advanced to the triple jump final as the thirteenth athlete by the referee after protest. He was being conditioned by a long wait due to a problem with the measurer before his last jump.