Maurie Plant died in December 2020. His death came as a shock to many of his friends, admirers, and family. Maurie Plant was one of the true characters of the sport. A broadcaster, a coach, an athlete’s manager, a confidante, and a mentor, Maurie Plant influenced the sport for five decades. When I began my global sojourns, Maurie was one of the first people that I met. 

When I had a difficult story to write, and I was working to provide an appreciation of a complicated subject, many times, I would call Maurie for advice. In 2017, when I was spending time on the European circuit, I recall a few dinners in London with Maurie and our band of friends, discussing our sport.

David Rudisha and Maurie Plant, photo from David Rudisha

Maurie Plant went to great lengths to help me understand the complexity of the sport. He did not hide the tough stuff, he was pretty damn straightforward when he had to be. And he knew how to put a situation in perspective. Maurie Plant was one of my “Keen Observers”, my way of saying that I spoke to someone with knowledge of a situation for background. 

I miss Maurie, for his friendship, his humor, and his absolute love of the sport. In April 2018, I had heart surgery and did not travel again until the US Champs in June 2018,  and NYC Marathon in the fall of 2018. The World Champs in 2019 was a challenge for me, with the heat, but with my son, Adam,  helping me, I was able to get around. 

I wanted those who did not have the privilege of knowing Maurie Plant to hear this splendid analysis of the World Championships in Beijing. This was recorded in August 2015 and I play it when I want to hear my friend’s voice. 

I am so glad that the Maurie Plant Meeting was held today, February 23, 2023. Maurie would have liked the meet. Some fine showings by his country people. Fred Kerley performed well too, giving the audience something to enjoy! 


Original post, August 2015

Maurie Plant is a long-time sports broadcaster from the BBC. He is also a long-time mentor of many  Australian athletes. I am fortunate to also note that Maurie is both mentor and a friend.

Maurie is a keen observer of the sport. He understands how our sport is covered and how it should be covered. He also is one of the greatest storytellers of all time. It is one of the qualities that makes him a fine broadcaster. Maurie Plant has been the eyes and ears of several generations of global sports fans.

Near the end of the World Champs in Beijing, I sat down with Maurie to discuss what he saw as key moments in the 2015 World Championships. When you listen to this audio interview, you will notice Maurie’s observation skills: he gets it. We did the audio in one take, and his skills as a broadcaster can be heard and appreciated in this interview.

I wanted to get this up over the holiday to give us something to consider about the championships in Beijing. It was my second time in China and a wonderful World Championships. Having Maurie Plant to check in with made it even more spectacular.




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