So, I spent the weekend covering the Olympic Marathon trials, remotely with our live team, and live in Boston for the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

Now in its 29th year, the NB Indoor Grand Prix is to indoor track and field what the Nike Pre Classic is to out door track and field in North America. As one famous and experienced agent told me last night, “Larry, we need ten meets like the NB Indoor GP all across North America!” Enough said.

One of the most difficult events to make an Olympic team or World champs team is the sprint hurdles, for men and women.

For men, you deal with Grant Holloway, Trey Cunningham, Daniel Roberts, and when healthy, Devon Allen (when he is not playing football).

Grant Holloway has won the 2019, 2022 and 2023 World Outdoors. Grant Holloway has also won the 2022 World Indoors.

Grant Holloway has the second fastest time in history over the 110m hurdles.

Grant Holloway has the world record over the 60 meter hurdles.
And, Grant Holloway has not lost a 60 meter hurdle race since March 18, 2014.
In Boston yesterday, the streak continued.

In heat one, Trey Cunningham, WC silver medalist from 2022 Eugene, ran 7.47, taking the world lead, for five minutes.

Grant Holloway then ran 7.37, a pretty good time for him, a world leader for the world!
In the final, 90 minutes later, Grant Holloway got out okay, hit hurdles 5 and six and ran 7.35, another win, another world leader.

That night, in the hotel lobby where I catch up with the athletes, Grant told me, with a better start, he would have run 7.32 or 7.33. I believe him. Grant is not prone to hyperbole.

Grant Holloway will be in Lieven, France this week for two rounds of 60m hurdles, then, Albuquerque for two rounds and in Glasgow, March 1-3, to defend his title.

And then, Grant Holloway begins his long drive to Paris.