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The HOKA ONE ONE Rocket X is a wonderful racing shoe, a shining example of the breadth and quality of the HOKA ONE ONE running line. HOKA has been around since about 2010, and they tested their ideas by putting duct tape around a Pirelli tire and a running shoe. It worked. First known for the maximal shoes, HOKA has developed a sophisticated line and supports the grassroots of the sport with events and clubs like HOKA Northern Arizona Elite.

Racing shoes have evolved over the years. In my early running, training shoes were terribly heavy, and racing shoes were light and just the psychological benefits of being in lighter shoes made a difference. Now, with the evolution of midsole and upper technologies, the support given to the performance runner as they go from point A to point B can also reduce the chance of injuries.

HOKA really surprised some people with this fine shoe. It is another example of the adage, “If you want to win, you have to play”. The successful performance running brands have great training shoes, great racing flats, and strong track spikes. They embrace the running culture.

As always, we suggest that you visit your local brick-and-mortar running store, take a clean pair of socks and ask to check this shoe out. Running shoes need to be experienced.

In our new program, #ForShoeGeeks, Larry Eder, editor at @runblogrun, and publisher at @Running_Network will comment on running footwear and running footwear culture. In his first post, Larry comments on @hoka and the #RocketX, an impressive racing shoe. #hoka, #runningfootwear,

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