This was the national championships weekend for the World Indoor Champs. 


ANCONA (ITA, Feb 17): Long jump competitions highlighted the first day of Italian Indoors. Still, U20 Mattia Furlani equaled the world lead of 834 (831/824/803/834/-/x); it is also the European lead, personal best and joined the second U20 best ever (indoor world best), and also a national indoor record. Larissa Iapichino leaped to 680, second best in Europe this year, to win the women’s event. Lorenzo Simonelli improved the national record to 7.48. He won the 60m hurdles over U20 Matteo Togni (7.76 PB) and another national indoor record for Elisa Molinaro, who topped the pole vault with 466 ahead of Great Nnnachi (445 PB). Traditionally excellent race walk results for Valentina Trapletti in the 3000m (12:17.98 overall PB) over Alexandrina Mihai (12:41.79 overall PB), and among men for Francesco Fortunato (18:25.15, world lead and overall PB) ahead of Gianluca Picchiottino (19:00.86 PB) and Riccardo Orsoni (19:07.15 overall PB). The 1500m titles for Giulia Aprile (4:12.51) and Federico Riva (3:39.80) over Pietro Arese (3:40.47). Nicola Mosetti topped women’s hurdles in 8.07 ahead of Veronica Besana (8.09). Other notable wins for Marta Giovannini in the pentathlon (4188) and Marco Fassinotti in the high jump (222), Edoardo Scotti was the fastest in the 400m heats (46.92).

Larissa Iappichino, ITA, silver, 6.97m, photo by Chiara Montesano for European Athletics

LEIPZIG (GER, Feb 17): Triple jumpers produced good results at German Indoors; Max Hess leaped to 17.03 and Jessie Maduka to 14.04. Close duels were in the 60m, Rebekka Haase won in 7.21 ahead of Alexandra Burghardt (7.21) and Tiffany Eidner in 7.28, equalling PB from heats, and Kevin Kranz topped the men’s sprint in 6.61 over Aleksandar Askovic (6.61) and Robin Ganter (6.62 PB). Christina Honsel won the high jump with 191 over Imke Onnen (186), Rosina Schneider the 60m hurdles in 8.08 ahead of Franziska Schuster (8.09) and Monika Zapalska (8.09), Tim Eikermann won the men’s hurdles (7.69). Gesa Felicitas Krause topped the 3000m in 9:06.90 over Elena Burkard (9:08.39), and Florian Bremm was the fastest among men (7:58.76). In the well-stuffed men’s pole vault, the top five cleared 545; the title, on countback, went to Oleg Zernikel. Fastest times and personal bests in the 400m heats for Johanna Martin (52.55) and Jean-Paul Bredau (46.72).

MIRAMAS (FRA, Feb 17): Quality field events topped the first day of French Indoors. Margot Chevrier won the pole vault with 466 over Ninon Chapelle (450), Ilionis Guillaume won the triple jump (14.11 PB), and Erwan Konate topped the long jump (797). Cyrena Samba-Mayela clocked 7.87 and outperformed Laeticia Bapte (7.94) in the 60m hurdles, third Solenn Compper (8.00). In the 60m, wins for Orlann Oliere in 7.21 over Mallory Leconte (7.28) and for Jeff Erius in 6.58 from Antoine Thoraval in 6.64 (6.62 in heats). Odile Ahouanwanou won the pentathlon with 4449 points, ahead of Celia Perron (4423) and Maylis Darriet (4219 PB). 3000m titles for Alice Finot (9:06.18) and Romain Mornet (8:00.29). Thomas Jordier clocked 46.18 in the 400m heats.

BIRMINGHAM (GBR, Feb 17): Molly Caudery highlighted the first day of British Indoors (6700 spectators) by clearing a world lead in the pole vault 485. She was successful on her third attempt and failed three times at 491 (would be a new NR). Amy Hunt topped the 60m in 7.26 (7.24 in semifinals) over Bianca Williams (7.30) and U20 Mabel Akande (7.32), Jeremiah Azu won the men’s sprint in 6.60 ahead of Andrew Robertson 6.68, almost 46-year-old Dwain Chambers clocked 6.89 in semifinals. Cindy Sember was the best in the 60m hurdles at 7.99, and Tade Ojora won the men’s hurdles at 7.62 from David King (7.65). Fast times in the 400m semifinals, Laviai Nielsen (51.83), Lina Nielsen (52.06 PB) and Lee Thompson (46.65).

Molly Caudery, British NR at 4.85m, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

TORUŃ (POL, Feb 17): Ewa Swoboda highlighted the first day of Polish Indoors, she won the 60m in 7.05 (also 7.09 in heats) ahead of Krystsina Tsimanouskaya in 7.25 and Magdalena Stefanowicz 7.26 (7.19 PB in heats). Pia Skrzyszowska topped the 60m hurdles in 7.91 over Weronika Nagiec (8.05), and Oliver Wdowik won the men’s sprint in 6.64 from Adrian Brzezinski (6.66). Paulina Ligarska won the quality pentathlon with 4438 points ahead of Sophia Mulder (4366 PB), and Michał Haratyk topped the shot put with 20.20. Fastest in 400m heats Maksymilian Szwed 46.84 PB.

OURENSE (ESP, Feb 17): Sergio Lopez in 6.64 (equalled PB from semifinals) and Jaël Bestué in 7.22 (7.18 PB in semifinals) won the 60m sprints at Spanish Indoors, in heats Pol Elvira clocked 6.68 NRU20. Fatima Diame leaped to 656 in the long jump, in the 3000m titles for Marta Garcia in 8:54.96 over Aqueda Marques (8:56.43) and Adel Mechaal (8:15.61). Jorge Ureña topped the heptathlon with 5885 points, and María Belén Tomil won the shot put (18.23). Fast times also in preliminaries, Paula Sevilla clocked 23.13 PB in the 200m, in another heat Esther Navero (23.28 overall PB), Adria Alfonso among men (20.90 PB), Enrique Llopis 7.64 in the 60m hurdles, and Oscar Husillos 46.88 in the 400m. An exciting day for the pentathlon world leader María Vicente; she won the bronze medal in the high jump (180) and advanced to the 60m hurdles final, clocking a PB of 8.08.

APELDOORN (NED, Feb 17): Jessica Schilder threw the shot put world lead and national record of 20.31 and won Dutch Indoors ahead of Jorinde van Klinken (18.64). Menno Vloon topped the pole vault with 5.83 over Koen van der Wijst (5.50), as Rutger Koppelaar was not marked. 60m titles for the hurdler Nadine Visser in a personal best of 7.19 ahead of N’Ketia Seedo (7.20), Xavi Mo-Ajok won the men’s sprint (6.69 PB). Marissa Damink topped the 3000m in 9:02.44 and fast 400m times from heats, Femke Bol (50.55), Lieke Klaver (51.31), Cathelijn Peeters (52.01 PB) and Tony Van Diepen (46.71).

KARLSTAD (SWE, Feb 17): Sara Lennman threw 18.29 PB in the shot put and defeated Fanny Roos (17.97) to win the Swedish Indoors. 60m titles for Julia Henriksson (7.22 PB) and Henrik Larsson (6.69). Other notable wins by Tobias Montler in the long jump (799), Carl Bengtström in the 400m (46.43), and Andreas Kramer in the 800m (1:47.93). Ellen Ekholm won the high jump (188) on countback over heptathlete Bianca Salming (188) and an exciting bronze medal in the men’s pole vault for Axel Rogö 522 (WLU18) behind the winner William Asker (537).

Tobias Montler, photo by meeting de Lieven

POMBAL (POR, Feb 17): Tiago Pereira topped the triple jump with 16.83 at Portuguese Indoors. Jessica Inchude won the shot put with 18.25 over Eliana Bandeira (18.12), Carlos Nascimento topped the 60m in 6.64, Isaac Nader won the 1500m in 3:39.46 and João Coelho the 400m in 46.58. Vitória Oliveira clocked 12:17.95, world lead and overall personal best in the 3000m race walk, 48-years-old João Vieira added another national title by winning the 5000m race walk (19:50.84), and Pedro Buaró topped the pole vault (545).

ST. GALLEN (SUI, Feb 17): Annik Kälin leaped to 676, personal best and national indoor record, to win the long jump at Swiss Indoors. Simon Ehammer was the best in the men’s long jump with 806, and Pascal Mancini won the 60m in 6.66 (6.63 in semifinals). The challenging women’s 60m title went to Géraldine Frey in 7.20 (7.18 in semifinals) ahead of Melissa Gutschmidt 7.23 (7.20 in semifinals) and Salomé Kora 7.24 (7.21 PB in semifinals).

TAMPERE (FIN, Feb 17): From the Finish Indoors first day, Jessica Kähärä won the long jump (651), and good 5000m race walk results for Jerry Jokinen (19:26.80 PB) and for Ella Rautawaara (22:24.98 NR).

STEINKJER (NOR, Feb 17): Best results from Norwegian Indoors. Håvard Bentdal Ingvaldsen won the 400m in 45.97 and Helene Rønningen the 60m in 7.30.

OSTRAVA (CZE, Feb 17): Sensational sprints by Ostrava girl Karolina Manasova (20). She clocked two national 60 m records at Czech Indoors. 7.20 in heats and 7.15 in finals, also Glasgow qualifier. Zdenek Stromsik, after injury, won the fifth title at 6.60 in the 60 m. Petr Svoboda, at the age of 39 years, won the 9th hurdles title in 7.74 ahead of Stepan Schubert with a 7.76 PB. Helena Jiranova won women in 8.09. Amalie Svabikova cleared 455 in the pole vault and tried at 466, Tomas Stanek’s sixth shot put title 20.73. Lada Vondrova clocked 51.91 in 400 m heats.

CHISINAU (MDA, Feb 17): The best result of the Moldova National Indoor Championship was 17.03 in the women’s shot put by Dimitriana Bezede 17.03. Javelin thrower Andrian Mardare participated in the shot put at 15.96.

PANEVEZYS (LTU, Feb 17): Airine Palsyte cleared at Lithuanian Indoors 192 in the high jump, and young talent Adas Dambrauskas won the 60 m in 6.66. Jogailė Petrokaitė leaped to 652 in the long jump, and multiple champion Brigita Virbalytė-Dimšienė 22:08.42 in the 5000 m walk.

VALMIERA (LAT, Feb 17): Valters Kreiss’s 566 in the pole vault and Rinalds Zarins’s 6.73 in the 60 m were the best results of Latvian Indoors.

NYIREGYHAZA (HUN, Feb 17): Boglarka Takacs won the Hungarian title over 60 m in 7.20 NR.   Attila Molnar went 46.45 in the 400 m, a meet record. Istvan Palkovits clocked 3:43.03 in the 1500 m, and Bence Venyercsan 19:19.49 PB in the 5000 m walk. Hanga Klekner cleared 445 PB indoors in pole vault and women’s 3000 m walk. Rita Recsei 12:47.07 PB.

LINZ (AUT, Feb 17): Fast 60 m at Austrian Indoor Championships. Magdalena Lindner has a 7.32 PB, and Markus Fuchs’s 6.61 is the third-best of his career. 400 m specialist Susanne Gogl-Walli won the 200 m in 23.56 PBeq, and Sebastian Frey won 7:52.72 in the 3000 m over Kevin Kamenschak at 7:54.02.

SOFIA (BUL, Feb 17): In the Festival Hall from Bulgarian Indoors to note U20 men 60 m winner Nikola Karamanolov 6.72. Bozhidar Saraboyukov won the triple with 16.45 PB. In women 60 m Kristen Radukanova 7.38 over Radina Velichkova (2007) 7.47 (NR U18).

ODENSE (DEN, Feb 17): During the second day of Danish Indoors, sisters dominated the 60 m hurdles. Ida Beiter Bomme 8.21 PB (also 621 in long jump) over Emma Beiter Bomme 8.21 PB with NR holder Mette Gravesgaard third 8.25. Andreas Trajkovski, jumping for North Macedonia, won his event with 774.

BRATISLAVA (SVK, Feb 17): 58th Slovak Indoor Championships (for last time in Elan Hall) were highlighted by Jan Volko and his 8th title in the fastest time of the year for him 6.61 (also equaled meet record) in men 60 m, in women 60 m Monika Weigertova 7.28 ahead of Viktoria Forster 7.29.

ABBOTSTOWN (IRL, Feb 17): Sarah Lavin won the 60 m hurdles at Irish Indoors in a fast 7.91. Good times in heats for Phil Healy 23.37 (200 m) and Sharlene Mawdsley 52.57 (400 m).

Wilhelm Belocian, 2021 European Indoor 60m hurdles champion, Torun, photo by European Athletics

BUCURESTI (ROU, Feb 17): At Roumanian indoor champs, Andrei Toader 20.86 in the shot put. Good quality Florentina Iusco 14.15 in the triple jump.

NOVO MESTO (SLO, Feb 17): Good 400 m times at Slovenian Indoors as Rok Ferlan achieved 46.69 over Lovro Mesec Koris 46.79. 60 m titles for Maja Mihalinec Zidar 7.39 and Anej Curin Prapotnik 6.71.

ZAGREB (CRO, Feb 17): Filip Pravdica won the long jump with 779 at Croatian Indoors. U20 sprint talent Roko Farkas clocked a solid 47.57 to win the 400 m.

BELGRADE (SRB, Feb 17): Milica Gardasevic won the long jump 660 over high jump star Angelina Topic 616 at Serbian Indoors.  Ivana Ilic won women 60 m in  7.35 and U20 Mina Stankovic 13:11.22 senior NR  in women 3000 m walk. Asmir Kolasinac achieved 20.41 in the shot put.

PIRAEUS (GRE, Feb 17): Theodoros Vrontinos won the 60 m in 6.67 during Greek indoors also to note Alexandros Papamihail 19:01.44 in the 5000 m walk. In women 3000 m walk Kiriaki Filtisakou 12:24.92.  Poliniki Emmanouilidou won the women 60 m in 7.29.

MOGILYOV (BLR, Feb 17): Oleh Tomasevich got 21.32 in shot put at Belarus Indoors. Anatoliy Gomelev went 39:58.62 in the 10,000 m walk. Iryna Zhuk cleared 460 in the pole vault, and Violetta Skvartsova 677 in the long jump. Russian guests won Polina Tkalich at 51.57 in the 400 m ahead of Anna Mikhaylova at 52.39 and Yaroslav Tkalich at 6.64 in the 60 m over Maksim Graborenko at 6.68.

TALLINN (EST, Feb 17): Top mark at Estonian indoors, new national record in women 60 m Oilme Voro 7.28.