USATF Indoor Champs, Day two

Women’s Weight Throw

Deanna Price breaks WR twice in a weight throw!

In a spectacular competition, Deanne Price, 2019 WC in the hammer throw, broke the WR twice in the weight throw. Her series lead from the first throw, 24.86m, 25.46m, 25.77mWR, 25.21m, 26.02m and a foul. Her 26.02 meters equates to 85 feet, 4.5 inches.

Deanna Price also has the number2 hammer throw of all time.

1. Deanna Price, NYAC/Nike, 26.02m, NR/WR, 2. Brooke Andersen, NIKE/NYAC, 24.97m, 3. Rachel Tanczsos, Velaasa, 24.58m, 4. Annette Echikunwoke, Unattached, 24.56m, 5. Erin Reese, Velaasa, 24.34m, 6. Janeh Stewart, NYAC, 24.20m

Men’s 60 meters, first round

In heat 1, Noah Lyles, adidas, took the win in 6.60, Kendal Williams,adidas, 6.66q, Sam Blaskowski, WI-LaCrosse, 6.69q, Jaylan Mitchell, 6.71q, Mason Phillips, Northwood MI, 6.76q. All top 5 moved on.

In heat 2, Kirk Wilson, Jr. won, in 6.66, Isaiah Trousil, Northern Iowa, 6.68q, Coby Hilton, 6.68q, Cravon Gillespie, NIKE< 6.71q, and Deondre Spruil, SHARKS AC, 6.8q.

In heat 3, Brandon Carnes won, in heat leading 6.59, JT Smith Texas A&M-Commerce, 6.59q, Jalen Drayden, Arizona State U, 6.71q, Bryan Sosoo, CPTC, 6.71q, Emmanuel Wells, Jr. 6.72q, Demarius Smith, 6.73q.

Men’s Triple Jump-Donald Scott

Donald Scott won the TJ with a leap of 16.96m, in his fifth attempt. His series, 16.43m, 16.85m, 16.56m 16.70m, 16.96m, 16.53m showed a good level of fitness this early in the year.

1. Donald Scott, 16.96m, 2. Omar Craddock, ASICS, 16.38m, 3. RLazon Brumfeld, unattached, 16.14m.

Women’s Long Jump, final-Tara Davis Woodhall goes WL

Tara Davis dominated the LJ, with only three legal jumps, she could have won on any of the three. Tara fouled in round 1, leaped 6.94m in round 2, leaped 6.67m in round 3, folded in 4, leaped 6.99m WL in round 5, and fouled in six. The young jumper has real talent, and when she connects, she delivers.

1. Tara Davis Woodhall, LuLulemon, 6.99m, WL, PB, 2. Rhese Foster, NIKE, 6.63m, 3. Tiffany Flynn, unattached, 6.57m, 4. Quenesha Burks, Unattached, 6.46m, 5. Quanesha Saunders, adidas, 6.37m SB, 6. Elizabeth White, New Mexico, 6.31m.

Women’s 3000m-tactical win by Valerie Constien

Running distance races at altitude, like Albuqeurque, New Mexico (4900 feet/1,500m to 6700 feet (2000m) is complicated. Elly Henes, adidas kept the pace honest, hitting 1k in 3:01.10 and 2,000m at 6:02.08. On her shoulders were Whitni Morgan (just ran 8:30.5 at Millrose, where Elly ran 8:36), Valerie Constien (Olympian, 9:18.34 PB at steeple) and Emily Mackay.

At 2,600 meters, Elly Henes began to feel the affects her leading at high altitude, and three 200m in 34 and 35 seconds. Valerie Constien, Whittni Morgan and Emily Mackay took up the battle as Elly Henes moved to 4th.

Using a 30.32 last last, Valeria Contien took the win in a remarkable for the altitude 8:48.29, with Whittni Morgan taking second in 8:48.42 and Emily Mackay in 3rd in 8:50.14. Elly Henes took 4th in 8:58.40.

1. Valerie Constien, Unattached, 8:48.29 FR, 2. Whittni Morgan, adidas, 8:48.42, 3. Emily Mackay, NB Boston, 8:50.14, 4. Elena Henes, adidas, 8:58.48, 5. Abby Nichols, HOKA NAZ Elite, 9:02.57, 6. Courtney Wayment, On, 9:04.02,

Women’s HJ: Vashti Cunningham clears 2 meters to take HJ

Vashti Cunnigham is the Indoor World Champion for 2016, and the Indoor World Champion silver medalist for 2018. She also has won eleven of the twelve US championships since 2016, taking second in the 2016 Olympic Trials.

Vashti has cleared 2.02m outdoors and cleared 2.00 meters indoors in 2021.
In the 2023 USATF Championships, Vashti Cunningham cleared four straight heights on the first jumps (1.84m, 1.87m, 1.90m, 1.95m). She cleared 2 meters on her second attempt, for the win, taking then three unsuccessful attempts at 2.03m.

1. Vashti Cunningham, NIKE-Red Bull, 2.00m=PB, 2. Nissi Kabongo, Stephen F. Austin, 1.87m PB, 3. Mercedeez Francis, Unattached, 1.87m PB, 4. Elizabeth Evans, 1.84m, SB, 5.JaiCeonna Cero-Holt, Washington Track & Field Acade, 1.84m PB, 6. Arika Harbo, Concordia St. Paul, 1.79m

Women’s 800m heats

Heat 1

Brenna Detra, unattached wins heat 1 in 2:02.26q, and Laurie Barton, Brooks Beasts TC, also moved on in 2:02.61.

3. Kristie Schoffield, New Balance, 2:04.96, 4. Michaela Meyer, Nike Union AC, 2:08.80, 5. Ashley Lewis, Pennisula Distance Club, 2:12.37.

Heat 2

Allie Wilson, of Atlanta Track Club won in 2:04.11q, one one to move on. 2. McKenna Keagan, NIKE, 2:04.52, 3. Mallory Lindaman, Tracksmith, 2:05.55, 4. Aaliyah Miller, On, 2:08.46.

Heat 3

Kaela Edwards, adidas, won here in 2:02.52q, with Nia Atkins, Brooks Beasts TC, 2:02.55q, and Samantah Watson, adidas, 2:04.12q. 4. Presley Weems, Atlanta TC, 2:05.76, Ana Connor, Tracksmith, 2:07.68.

Women’s 400m

Heat 1

Anna Hall, fresh off her AR in the pentathlon, won heat 1 in 53.66q. Biance Stubler, Tracksmith was 2nd in 54.29q, and Simon Wilson, unattached was 3rd in 55.69q. Alexia DeHaven was 4th in 57.41.

Heat 2

Natasha Robinson won heat 2 in 52.92, Brittany Avenie was 2nd in 53.38 and Erin Dowd was third in 53.98.

There was a dearth of participants in the Women’s 400m.

Men’s 400m

This race had fast heats!

Two move on from each heat so run fast or goodbye.

In heat 1, Noah Williams, adidas, ran a swift 45.42. Justin Robinson, Arizona State University, 45.48q. Malcolm Tatum, CPTC, 47.96, Devonte Fletcher, 48.39.

In heat 2, Trevor Bassitt won in 45.96q. Craig Allen was 2nd in 46.07q, Chance Tanner, 47.05, Jacob Samford, Elite Sports & Fitness Academy, 47.12, Hunter Woodhall, lulu lemon, 48.00.

In heat 3, Kahmari Montgomery, NIKE, 46.71q, won, with Brycen Spratling, NyAC, 46.93q. Paris Simmons, 48.39, and Cole Krehnbrink, Appalachian State Un, 48.48.

Men’s Weight Throw

Daniel Hough, NYAC, won the Men’s WT in 25.44m facility record. His series was 23.82m, 25.21m, 25.44m FR, 24.66m, 24.35m and 24.25m.

Alex Young finished second in 24.25m, and Rudy Winkler, Tracksmith/NYAC in third in 23.88.

Men’s Heptathlon-Steve Bastien takes the Heptathlon!

Steve Bastien continues to show his fitness with a fine showing at the USATF Indoor heptathlon.

Steven’s performance was strong. Bastien went 6.94 in the 60m, 7.55m in the LJ, 13.21m in Shot Put, and 2.06m in the High Jump (day 1, 3,390 in 2nd). In day two, Steven Bastien hurdled 8.32 in 60mH, 4.95m in the Pole Vault and 2;44.50 in the 1000 meters, scoring for 6,012.

In second was Will Daniels, unattached, 5,946, and third was Devon Williams, Jacksonville Athletic Club, 5,898.


Men’s 3000m-Sam Prakel for the win

The 3000 meters finished on the second day of the USATF Indoor Championships. In a truly tactical race, Sam Prakel, adidas, was master of all.

Daniel Schaffer, HOKA NAZ Elite, lead through 1k in 2:54.89 and 2k in 5:46.26 (2:52).

Olin Hacker and Eduardo Herrera were close to the front with Sam Prakel menacing.

Running a 1:53 for the last 800m (2:28 in last 1,000 meters), last 600m in 1;23, and last 400m in 54.29, and last 200m in 25.75, to win in 8:12.46.
Second was Eduardo Herrera Jr, in 8:13.11. Third was Olin Hacker, 8:14.33, and Daniel Schaffer, ZAP Endurance, 8:14.39, David Ribich, Union AC in 8:14.47, with Jack Yearian, Oregon TC in 8:15.54.

Sam Prakel used his miler’s speed to take on a tough crew of middle distance runners.












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