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This is #CoffeeWithLarry for Wednesday,
January 31, 2024. ! Coffee with Larry is our daily podcast on all things track and field.

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Our topics;

1. The Olympic Trials Marathon is Saturday, February 3, 2204. Peacock will broadcast the event live 10 AM to 1 PM Eastern. NBC will go from Noon to 3 PM Eastern.

2. On Men’s side, Connor Mantz, Clayton Young are only two who have Paris standard, 2:08.10, 13 men have the 2:11.30.

Training partners Connor Mantz and Clayton Young score PBs and Oly qualifiers! photo by Kevin Morris

3. CJ Albertson has three subs at 2:11.30s; will this be his day?

4. Galen Rupp is going for his fifth team, will he make the team?

Galen Rupp, Stumptown 2021, photo by How Lao Photography

5. Who will the surprises be?

6. Jared Ward, a 2016 team member, has pulled out.

7. Paul Chelimo is competing, how do you not consider Paul a contender?

Paul Chelimo ran a WL of 27:12.77 at the 10,000m, photo by Larry Eder from EA streaming video broadcast

8. Emily  Sisson looks like the one to win or lose on the women’s side.

Emily Sisson, Keira D’Amato, Deena Kastor, Joan Benoit Samuelson, photo by Bank of America Chicago Marathon/ Kevin Morris

9. Keira D’Amato is one mentioned by many to make the team.

Keira D’Amato, World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA
July15-26, 2022
Marathon, Women, photo by Kevin Morris

10. Jenny Simpson is a ferocious competitor, can she make another team?

Jenny Simpson, Chevron Houston Marathon and
Aramco Houston Half Marathon
January 15, 2023
Houston, Texas, USA
© 2023 Kevin Morris

11. 13 women made Paris standard, 27 women under

12. Who will be the surprises on the Women’s side?

13. Jeff Benjamin will give us his daily thoughts beginning tomorrow.

The author with Neely Spence Gracey, photo from Jeff Benjamin photo collection

14. On Sunday, February 4, 2024, the NB Indoor GP will be held at The TRACK at New Balance.

15. Jake Wightman vs Hobbs Kessler? Looks great.

16. Noah Lyles vs Fred Kerley? Worth admission.

Digital poster from World Athletics of Fred Kerley and Noah Lyles

17. #RunBlogRun will be at both!

18. The RAK Half Marathon is February 24, 2204, do not miss it!

See you there! See you Thursday on #CoffeeWithLarry