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This is Thursday, March 28, 2024.
This is Coffee with Larry, your daily podcast on all things track and field.
Coffee With Larry began in June 2022 on a bit of a lark, and we are glad that so many continue to follow it and pass it on to friends.
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Our topics:
1. You must have a book on your shelves is HOW THEY TRAIN by Fred Wilt. Fred was a fine athlete, competed in the Olympics, as well as a coach and FBI agent. #TrackandFieldNews has published this series for years.
2. In How They Train, on page 76, you can find a story about Joe Binks, who set a British record of 4:16.8 for the mile. He also ran 10.6 for the 100 yards and 1:56 for 880 yards, and 14:10 for 3 miles.
3. Joe Binks was a fine writer on athletics for #NewsoftheWorld and a strong cross-country runner.
A photo from 1902, from Celtic Sports, featuring Joe Binks, (#11).
4. One of his stories is about the British 10-mile cross-country champs, where he went from 94th to 10th with a bottle of brandy as a bit of an aid during the race. He never did that again.
5. I interviewed Tony Campbell today and met the Miramar Invite’s director, to be held on April 6, 2024, at the Miramar Sports Complex. To learn more about the meet, go to
Miramar Invite, photo from Miramar Invitational
6. Spent Tuesday night and Wednesday in Chicago for a short break. We visited the Field Museum and saw Sue, the most complete TREX in the world.
7. Friday is the presser for the World Cross Country in Belgrade, Serbia.
8. The World Cross Country is on Saturday, March 30, and you will be able to watch it on #Peacock and #CNBC at 6 AM Eastern.
2024 World Cross Country Champs
9. Have a great Thursday and see you on Friday on #CoffeewithLarry !