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This is #CoffeewithLarry for Sunday, June 23, 2024.
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Our topics:
1. Saturday’s crowd was slightly larger than Friday nights in Eugene, 11,800 as opposed to 11,200.
Noah Lyles wins heat 1 in 9.92, June 22, 2024, photo by Chuck Aragon
2. The big difference is that locals seem worn out from all of the events in Eugene.
3. Great performances, but terribly high airline tickets and hotel costs are stopping many from attending.
4. TracktownUSA is doing all it can to fill the stadium, but they have a difficult crowd.
5. Sha’Carri Richardson and her teammates enthralled the crowd of 12,000 plus, with Melissa Jefferson and Twanisha Terry joining Sha’Carri.
Sha Carri wins her first round in 10.88, semi in 10.86, and final in 10.71! photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun
6. Sha’Carri seems like a different person. She answers in sound bites, obviously prepared, but more than that. Sha’Carri is relaxed, and that is key.
More to come on Monday!
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