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This is Coffee with Larry for Friday, June 21, 2024.
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Our topics:
1. Bobby Hodge will provide RunBlogRun another daily column for the US Olympic Trials. His Preview was posted on June 15. https://www.runblogrun.com/…/eugene-oregon-hayward
Dick Quax and Bobby Hodge, Nike OTC Marathon, courtesy of Bobby Hodge
2. The Olympic Trials are June 21- June 30 in Eugene, Oregon; here is the list of entries. https://www.usatf.org/…/2024/2024-u-s-olympic-team-trials
3. Here is the most updated schedule for the 2024 US Olympic Trials: https://www.usatf.org/…/2024-u-s-olympic-team…/schedule
4. Bob Schul, 1964 Olympic Gold medalist at 5,000 meters, this piece was written by #RunOhio publisher Matt McGowan, who roomed with Bob at the 2000 Sacramento Trials: https://www.runohio.com/…/571-1964-olympic-5000-meter
Bob Schul wins 1964 Olympic gold medal at 5,000 meteres, from Team USA
5. How to follow the streaming for US Olympic Track trials, https://www.nbcsports.com/…/track-and-field-olympic from NBC
6. Jakob Ingebrigtsen, after his 5000m/1500m double at #Roma2024, shows confidence before Paris 2024: https://www.insidethegames.biz/…/ingebrigtsen
7. The real battle in Paris? Thomas Back vs Seb Coe, https://www.3wiresports.com/…/holy-hell-thomas-bach-is from Alan Abrahamson, 3 Wire Sports
8. ASICS is on the rise in running, once again! https://footwearnews.com/…/asics-retail-performance-us/ from Footwear
9 . Marcell Jacobs, 2021 Tokyo gold medalist at 100m, runs best time since 2021 with his 9.92 at #PaavoNurmiGames today, June 18!
Marcell Jacobs, photo by PUMA Running
10. What is your favorite event at the Olympic Trials?
11. Luke Houser signs with Brooks Beasts! Here’s Paul Merca’s story: https://paulmerca.blogspot.com/…/washington-grad-luke
12. How to understand what is at stake with Erriyon Knighton’s No Fault release and why it is so important! Read this piece from Alan Abrahamson/3 Wire Sports, https://www.3wiresports.com/…/x0wppvs8kdand897ruf01il3p…
See you Saturday, June 22, 2024, on Coffee with Larry!
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