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This is Coffee with Larry for Monday, April 1, 2024.
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Our topics:
1. An enjoyable broadcast of World Cross Country!
2. I Did notice a small fan base at the event.
3. I Also noticed a dearth of European teams at the World Cross.
Karoline Gro
4. Courses must be in cold weather, with snow, mud, and hellacious 12k courses. That is part of the tradition. In the last two years, cross country was in very hot and humid conditions (Bathhurst, Australia did a fine job), and the almost manicured courses made that way for TV have not been drawing either participants or fans.
BELGRADE, SERBIA – MARCH 30: Berehanu Tsegu of Ethiopia, Jacob Kiplimo, Leonard Chemutai and Joshua Chptegei of Uganda, Samwel Chebolei Masai and Benson Kiplangat of Kenya cempetes in the Men’s Senior race during the World Athletics Cross Country Championships Belgrade 2024 on March 30, 2024 in Belgrade, Serbia.
(Photo by © Adam Nurkiewicz for World Athletics
5. The Pasteurization of cross country has made it a track race on grass. That is not good for global support of the sport.
6. And you have a CHOICE on going over hay bales? Come on!
7. Kudos to the US, UK, and Australia, bringing teams, some from afar.
After the battle, US Men’s team, Belgrade, Serbia, photo by Randy Miyazaki, for Track and Field Photo Magazine
8. Total respect for Karoline Grovdal of Norway!
9. Weini Kelati, fantastic gutty race!
10. Why don’t we tell more about Beatrice Chebet and Jakob Kiplimo? Let’s tell the stories!
11. The Miramar Invitational is April 6, 2024. Big sprints, shot put and a 600m showdown! Check it out at
12. The most iconic marathon of the year, the #Boston128, is being held on April 15, 2024. Check out the site
See you tomorrow on Coffee with Larry!