Week 3, Day 7, Recovery Week Three

Today, take a 50-60 minute moderate run.

This is the end of the third week of our two—to three-week recovery time. The idea is to get a physical, mental, and spiritual break. We read books, nap, goof off, and get outside and enjoy nature.

This week, we suggest daily (4-5) 45-minute runs in the cool part of the day, relaxed, as a pre-week for the Summer Mileage Program, something we have done since the early 2000s.

Enjoy your long run today as we begin an easy week and introduce you to our summer mileage program.

Alan Abrahamson wrote a piece about the honesty of the Olympic Trials system, which I encourage you to read: https://www.3wiresports.com/articles/2024/6/28/the-brutalist-trials-the-ultimate-american-exemplar-of-meritocracy-keep-it-that-way

Stuart Weir explains the Team GB for Paris and who misses out:https://www.runblogrun.com/2024/07/team-gb-athletics-squad-confirmed-for-paris-2024.html


Sunday , July 7, 2024

A 50-60 minute run, in the coolness of the day. Stay hydrated.

In a gutty 5,000m, Grant Fisher held off Abdi Nur with a 3:59 last mile! photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun