Week 2, Day 6, Recovery Week Two 

Today, take a 45-50-minute run or a 45-minute walk.

This is the beginning of the second week of our two—to three-week recovery time. The idea is to get a physical, mental, and spiritual break. We read books, nap, goof off, and get outside and enjoy nature.

The workouts will be three days a week, and you can walk or bike to get you moving.

The women’s 10,000m race last night was exciting!

The pace was tactical.

Weini Kelati had the Olympic standard, and the other ladies hoped to rely on the confusing and frustrating World Athletics Rankings.

Indeed, if WA wanted people to understand the sport, including serious fans, they would devise a much more transparent system.

The pace hit 5k in 16:09, and around 8k, Parker Valby, one of the darlings of the meet due to her front running, Dave Bedford-ish style (look him up), grabbed the lead and started to make it quite difficult. Weini Kelati, Karissa Scheiwzer, and Parker soon broke off.

The humidity and the pace took its toll and none of the three could make a break on the last lap.

It came down to hundredths of a second, as Weink Kelati won, Parker Valby was second and Karissa Schweizer, with two surgeries since 2021,

took third (Parker and Karissa had the same time!)

What a great race!

Olivia Miller, our intern,  wrote a piece that she called Tales of Glory and Woe: https://www.runblogrun.com/2024/06/the-womens-3000m-steeplechase-a-tale-of-glory-and-woe.html

Alan Abrahamson wrote a piece about the honesty of the Olympic Trials system, which I encourage you to read: https://www.3wiresports.com/articles/2024/6/28/the-brutalist-trials-the-ultimate-american-exemplar-of-meritocracy-keep-it-that-way




Sunday, June 30, 2024

A 45-50-minute easy run.

If you need something to do outside (it is hot today), walk 30 minutes early, ride a bike, or, best yet, take a leisurely swim and enjoy the day!