This is Sunday, March 31, 2024.

This is your long run day.

Your workout:

Warm up slowly,

75-90 minutes of running for juniors and seniors and 65-70 minutes for freshmen and sophomores.



get out of wet clothes,



Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

Long runs are relative.

I remember running with Rob De Castella on his moderate run on Wednesdays, which was 15-18 miles. In 1984, we did that in Nisene Marks. Dan Gruber was running with Rob and me, and about 15 miles, Rob very casually looked back and said, ” You going to be okay?” I was all out at about a 6.15-mile pace, and I said to Rob and Danny, “See you in three miles.” They took off 5 30, 5:15, and then about 5 minutes. It was smooth and deadly. I hobbled in, running a 6:30 pace for the last three miles.

I recalled in an interview with Donavan Brazier, 2019 World Champion at 800m, that his longest run was 8 miles for his training at the time.

For a high schooler, I suggest time. For freshmen and sophomores, try 9-10 miles. For juniors to seniors, 12-14. Keep it relaxed.

Rob De Castella winning the 1982 Commonwealth Games marathon in Brisbane, photo by Commonwealth Games. AU