This is Wednesday, March 13, 2024.

This is your workout for Week 1, Day 3.

Your workout today:

Warm-up today,

45-55 minutes easy to moderate pace,

6 x 150-meter stride-outs,



get out of wet clothes,


Larry’s Deep Thought: Recovery day is a day to reduce the stress in your workout so your body can recover. Keep the day relaxed. 

In the spring of 2020, I interviewed George Beamish, a Kiwi runner from Northern Arizona University. In 2019, George surprised many with his NCAA Indoor mile win. While at NAU, George, also known as Geordie, suffered many injuries.

In the spring of 2020, George became one if the first members of the On Running Athletic Club, coached by Dathan Ritzehhein. Dathan worked his magic, and Geordie began to develop. First, he stayed healthy, and second, he thrived under the coaching of Dathan, who takes his enthusiasm as an athlete and has focused it on being a fantastic coach.

Geordie has the NZ records at the steeplechase and 5,000m. He now is the World Indoor gold medalist at the 1,500 meters, which he did in Glasgow on March 3, to the delight of his country people, his coach, and his club On Athletics! Using a 12.78 last 100 meters, Geordie took gold from Cole Hocker of the US with a brilliant finish, going from 9th to 5th and 5th to gold, the first gold medal in a major championship for On running!

What can high school runners learn from George Beamish? Never give up, stay focused, and hone that last 100 meters!

Geordie Beamish, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & FIeld
Boston University
Boston, MA, USA 1 26 2024, photo by Kevin Morris