Today, March 30, 2024, is a race day.

Warm up well,

The Outdoor season is in full swing in much of the country, except when the track is covered with snow!

If you get to race today, try the 1600/800 or 3200/800 today and shake it up a little bit!

Take 30 minutes and cool down slowly.



Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

You have been working out all winter, and spring has begun. We have worked on hill work and fartlek workouts. The racing in the last ten weeks was about getting you to do some fast running.

The season will begin with relays, long races, and short races. Learn how to race under and above your distance dream. It will help you during the big season.

Today, Weini Kelati ran an AR in the half marathon, then won the USA Cross Country, and then, in early March, ran a fine 10,000m at The TEN, taking second in 30:33. 

Weini Kelati, USATF National Cross Country Championship
Richmond, Virginia, United States
1 20 2024, by Kevin Morris