This is a training program developed by RunBlogRun, for 800m to 5000m types in high school and college. We suggest college runners add a 30-40 minute run in the mornings and sessions with core training and free weights three times a week. For high school athletes, we suggest the core and free weights; we encourage you to speak to your coach and or athletic trainer.

We suggest free weights as we want to encourage the proper range of motion. We do not like machine-based strength programs, but we do note that most of the elite athletes and coaches we observe work with free weights.

This is day seven of Week One of the Winter training block. We provide 8 weeks of training in the block, and we will work to prepare you for the fitness needed to take on quality work for the outdoor season. We will be happy to answer any questions on training; just email us at

Today is January 8, 2023.

Your workout today is to warm up, run 50-55 minutes at a moderate pace, slowly cool down, stretch well afterward, and get your wet clothes off.



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