It was now 43 years ago. I had gone up to the 1980 Olympic Trials to watch a day or two and run the Cascade Run-Off. Our coach at Santa Clara wanted us to see a day of the trials, run the race, and get some time with some classmates.

We saw the classic steeple chase final, where Henry March outran Doug Brown, and John Gregorek battled Ron Addison for third place on the steeple team. The stadium at Hayward Field was incredible. It was my first time there, and I have never forgotten how loud the race was, as Brown tried to break Marsh, and it just did not happen.

On Sunday, we ran the Cascade Run-Off. I ran with Marty Cooksey for six miles and then moved along with Lorraine Moller, who would become the 1988 Olympic bronze medalist in the marathoner. With two miles to go, we were flying, and Lorraine just dropped a big mile, and she was off to win the women’s race. I ran 52:08 for the 15k, which was pretty good for me then.

I had a memorable run,  with Tracey Williams and Paul Gyorey, through some. wonderful trails in Eugene, Oregon, a day prior to the Cascade Run-Off. Tracey and Paul were my teammates, and the relaxed nature of the run, and the light conversation, is still part of my memory bank in 2023.

Run some memories.

Run a good long run with friends.

Your workout today, warm up well, 65-70 minutes, moderate running, cooldown slowly and then, hydrate.