You are halfway there!

The Summer of 1980 was a paradigm change for me in my training. I was entering my first senior year at Santa Clara University. I worked in a graveyard during the day as a gardener or grave digger (yes).

I was running a run at lunch most days, would go out for 15 minutes moderately, and come back hard. Post work, I would run 70-90 minutes in the hills. When I was a guard at the Cemetary at night (3 nights), I would run 15 miles on a one-mile loop, all on gravel around the inside of the cemetery. I was able to build a substantial base over the summer and came into the season ready to race. Some days I ran 3 times.

I found a system that worked for me. I raced a two-mile each week, about 10 minutes flat, and then a 5k on the track at the end of summer. And always, 2 -2 and one-half hours on Sunday.

The consistency was king, and I was a senior in college. I had built up from 60 miles a week as a freshman to 120 miles as a senior, as I handled miles well, and it gave me confidence while racing in the fall.

Be consistent, whether it is 40 miles a week or more. Run smart, hydrate, and run easy days too!

Today, July 31, 2023, warm-up slowly, 45-55 minutes, relax, cool down well, and hydrate.