This is your workout for Tuesday, January 3, 2022.

This is the beginning of the eight-week Winter Training Block. We are focused on helping 800m to 5000m runners build their strength, endurance, and speed in the season in between cross country and outdoor track. Many athletes get into indoor track and we love it! But, to be ball part frank, ( I love that term, think I stole it from Coach Dave Frank), the indoor season is a diversion, outdoor season is the focus.

Your workout for today is good, solid warm up, 45-minute run, moderate pace, at 20 minutes into the run, go  5 minutes at 5k current race pace, and then, at the 25-minute mark, go back to moderate pace. At 35 minutes into the run, do one minute at 5k race pace, then, one minute easy, and repeat one more time. For the last eleven minutes, run at a moderate pace, then, do a good cooldown.



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