This is your workout for Saturday, January 21, 2023.

This is day six, Week Three of the 2023 RunBlogRun Winter Training Block.

You have a choice for today, on your workouts. You can race today, and we suggest

either an under distance, such as an 800m and 4x400m, or an over distance, such as a 3,000m, and if you so desire, a 4x400m.

Your workout for today is warm-up, 30 minutes moderate to rigorous, 800m race, 3000m, race  ( one or other), and 4x400m, cooldown. if not racing, then, warm up, 45 minutes fartlek, one minute at 800m pace, one minute easy, 10 times, 15 minutes at the front, 15 minutes at the back of speed play, then, cooldown.

When you get back, you can watch the PUMA ATL Hawkeye Pro Classic on Vimeo (4:30 PM Central-9 pm Central).




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